Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wendy's boneless chicken wings

So Wendy's is serving boneless chicken wings now. What??? That's idiotic. If you take out the bones then it will just be chicken with buffalo sauce. This is just stupid. Right now I can picture that guy from American Chopper going "You stupid, stupid idiot!" I can picture marketing executives scheming up ways to make stupid people buy something already Mcdonalds sells and charging more. You see? It's stupid. It's chicken wings with out the wings! Brilliant! Maybe next time we'll have fry-less fries with that too. Don't be duped by this sham. All your buying is chicken strips with a fancy name, you want lies with that also? That's going to cost extra. Seriously. Boneless chicken wings? That's like boneless chicken legs, it's almost an oxymoron. Hey, maybe they could sell those too. I wish I could make this longer, but I don't think I can. But the point is, boneless chicken wings is a very stupid idea.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Official facebook page.

Yes, it's here, the official facebook page for Daily Ramblings, all part of my guerrilla marketing campaign on the Internet. Unfortunately, the website page creator didn't work, so it looks like a personal page. Nonetheless, it's here. I'll expand the page in the future, quite likely the near future. Show your support for this site and add me to your friends. Just search, Daily Ramblings.

I've scrapped the political blog.

So, due to the spectacular failure of the politcal blog, mostly becuase I never did anything with it, I've gotten rid of it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

Heres an old Soundgarden song, from back when they were an underground band, and noone had ever heard of them. it's pretty obvious from the bad production, and low budget video. But it still got on MTV. Dispite the production, its still a good song.

Soundgarden - Flower

Heres somthing funny, the lego man calls a construction company. (Danboe is the guy who submitted the video, and is the one making the prank call.)

Lego Man Prank Call

Monday, June 8, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

Heres another old country-ish song. Not exactly country but it's close enough, I've spent a long time looking for videos so accept it.

Charlie Daniels - South's Gonna Do It Again

Heres a video of a girl getting hit in the face by a dodgeball in what seems like gym class or something.

Girl breaks face with dodgeball

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Album Review: Weapons of Our Warfare by Deliverance

(11/2/09 edit: What was I thinking? A 10? This album is really good, but a 10? This is too melodic to really kick my ***. Besides, his voice fits better with there more progressive metal stuff, like on Stay of Excecution (and he sounds almost exactly like the guy from Queensr├┐che not Ronnie James Dio.) Now that is a good song. The chugging riff with a rhythm that charges forward. That is what I like in metal. My new rating is 8 out of 10)

(A few minutes later: I'm back after a few minutes, what am I talking about? Of course it sounds great, but prehaps I just dont like the operatic singing. Whatever the case, I overrated this album, its still really good, but not a 10.)

(1/12/10 edit: No! What was I thinking? It's not a bad album at all, its pretty good, there later stuff sucks I hear, although I do like the song "Stay of Execution", my final rating of 8 out of 10 still stands, but this is still a good metal album, of course it's heavy at times.)

So soon after I posted that video, and impressed by some stuff I heard on Rhapsody, I downloaded the album off I-tunes. My conclusion. This album rules. With a capital R. To start off, the production on this album is great. The musicianship is on par with early Metallica and Megadeth. And almost all of it is sutible for headbanging, or "Brain Breaking" as Leah calls it. This means alot coming from a Christian band. Where alot seem to stay in amaturism, I think because they have a guaranteed fan base, not these guys, these guys are up there, they seem serious about musicianship. Not to mention, even though it's a Christian band, you won't find any preaching or bible stories or anything (except maybe "23" which is about psalm 23, but Megadeth did the same thing) it's all spiritual warfare and such. Some songs that stand out to me, are "This Present Darkness" which is a fast shredder and reminds me of Metallica's "Battery" (but doesn't rip it off at all.) The title track, "Weapons of Our Warfare" which you can watch below, (and which Lars Ulrich called one of his top 10 favorite videos)."Solitude, which is one of the more melodic songs and is one of the best songs on the album. "Flesh and Blood" which at 7:21, is the longest song on here and rules. "Greetings of Death" which has a cool doodly hammer riff. After listning to it a couple times, I noticed the similarities to Metallica's "The End of The Line". But they didn't rip it off since this came out 18 years before Death Magnetic. But there really are no bad songs on this album, all of them are good in fact. (Except "Bought for Blood" objectivly speaking I suppose it's not a terrible song, but I don't like it.) On a side note, the singer doesn't really have alot of growl to his singing, he sings agressivly, and has a good range, well, actually thats a good thing he isn't trying to rip off James Hetfield, but he sounds fine, he doesnt sound like Joey Belladonna, he has more of a Ronnie James Dio quality to his voice. (Now that I listen to this more, he kinda sounds like Dave Mustaine in his higher ranges, but with out the grumbling and mumbling.) So it's still metal. Bottom Line: really well played speed metal, go out and buy this album now. 10 out 10