Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ok, fine

everyone wants me to talk about rachael, fine, i havnt talked to her or seen her in about a month. but watevr, now rachaels nice and all but the best thing about her is that she actually listens to my rants and theories, like how i beleive time dosen't exist, but thats a topic for another day. Now i really dont have alot to say about her scince its been a long time and all and i mostly wrote this because people kept pestering me about it, yes, that means you katlyn or whoever u r. really i dont have alot to say cept she listens to my theories and one time we wrote something making fun of rap music but thats all i remember so thiers my rant on rachael, come back later if you want semi-serious topics because i really have hundreds of things to talk about and always, always leave comments.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fallout boy

This is my rant on the band Fallout Boy, you may have heard of them, theyre the band of choice for 12 year old girls, now if your a fan of these guys, please flame me all you want partly because i think it's funny and partly because i like arguing, no its kinda sad actually. By now you've probably figured out i dont like FOB, in fact, i never thought id say this but i think that Creed is better than them. Now i dont like Fallout Boy for several reasons. For starters they're not good. In they're songs they play littlerly one note, maybe 2. The lead guitarist and rhythym guitarist/lead singer play the exact same thing. Also i dont think the singer is that good. In concert the guitarist and bass player insist on constantly being in motion, jumping 360s, getting on top of the amps and just running all over the stage even though they cant physically play while doing this. Also they play their instruments wrong, they really do. They seem like nerds dont they? i mean really, dont they look nerdy? seriously. They kinda are. (maybe that didnt flow but i was away for 5 minutes) anyway, i dont think the songs are any good either. by the way, yes, i have heard some songs, so dont go hating on me for that. They dont seem to have 1 memorable riff. They have very obvious and catchy melodies but no instrumental or singing talent. but i quickly listened to some better music that made them seem lame by comparison. Also their blasted on MTV and are probably the most record company manufactured band in history.

Then they covered, no butchered "Walk" by Pantera live at a private party. You heard me right! A PANTERA SONG! FOB PLAYED A PANTERA SONG! They played it with the guy from the metalcore band Everytime I Die who I have no opinion of, so that guy has at least some metal creed.
but FOB killed a great song. Panteras awesome and all and FOB didnt even play the solo. They skipped the solo. Actually, im impressed they even were capable of playing what is probly the easiest Pantera song ever. and it wasnt even very good, or maybe it was the 12 year olds in the crowd singing the chorus. Whatever it was it inspired me to write this rant. By the way i was listning to Pantera when i wrote the first part of this rant.

Just in case your curious, i have the music video of walk and i have the video of FOB killing that song.

The Music video for walk

FOB covering walk

My first thought was that whoever's in charge of this party, and i think its a birthday party is loaded, i mean this must be one of those celebrity parties or at least some middle class parents who think their made of money when they're actually 5,000 dollars in debt. My second thought was, they ruined that song. They didnt even play the solo. I bet that before that night they didnt know a note of Pantera, in fact in another video they said they learned that the night before. I also bet that most of the kids in that room had never even hear of Pantera. Its just a good thing they didnt have the regular singer do that song or it might go down as one of the worst covers ive ever heard. but even still, i didnt like it. Also if you think that song is heavy, they eventually got even heavier.

To make a long rant shorter, Fallout Boy is a terrible band. If you like this sort of pop rock, i recommend the Foo Fighters, an excellent power pop band. Your best bet would be the album The Colour And The Shape but its all good, but stay away from their last album. Also some random stuff, the song i said i listned to when i wrote the first part of this rant was cowboys from hell, and if you just want to congradulate me, or flame me, or just genrally insult me for writing this, please do so and also leave your name at the end when you do.

I think ive covered everything then, no wait i havnt, to be fair i know their not an emo band, emo was part of the hardcore punk scene in the 80s and most people today have no idea what their talking about, FOB is not an emo band. Now that i have all of that out of the way, I think FOB is the worst band ever, even worse than Creed.

Dont listen to Fallout Boy.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

People that drive while on their cell phones

I cant stand people that drive and talk on their cellphone at the same time. YOU'LL KILL US ALL! seriously, you drive like a russian when your on a cellphone. But really, stop it. its annoying. pay attention to the road! or get a hands free phone. I don't need one you say? Buy one you cheap little (insert a word here). Stop with the cell phones. then maybe you'll pay attention enough to tell that your drifting. People on cellphones. when i see them on their cell phones probably talking about insignificant things, i am very annoyed because you are going to kill someone some day. you can afford a hands free phone. oh, stop giving me excuses and get one!

I'm sorry this is such a poor quality rant but i'm trying to put something out quick, so accept it.

So, go to the store and buy a hands free phone! or just stop using it altogether, that's even better! Really! You don't need it! What do you think people did before cell phones!
i'm going to stop now because i keep screwing this up by adding things that don't flow. but don't drive while on a cell phone, seriously.