Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coming soon: A whole bunch of album reviews

With Christmas and the money involved, I've gotten a whole bunch of new albums to review, I'll be reviewing albums by Black Sabbath, Sepultura, Megadeth, Immortal, Death, and probably more, so I will update this when they're done!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Whats up with shoelaces? They dont ever stay tied, you can double tie them, triple tie them, quadruple tie them, whatever, and they still managed to come untied. What a hassle, you know what would solve this? Velcro, what ever happened to that? People are like "ha ha you cant tie your shoes!" Uh, no, its because I dont want to tie my shoes! Its a hassle to keep retying them! Seriously. Bottom line is that Shoelaces are impractical.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Metal Mania

So on VH1 they have this show called Metal Mania. It's a show of nothing but two hours of classic 70's, and 80's classic hard rock and heavy metal videos. Sounds like my kind of show right? Wrong. It sucks. I still watch it with Tivo and record it, because they usually have a gem or two in there. But for the most part this show sucks. Why? Because the so called "metal" they play is crap like Poison, Winger, Warrant and other bands that suck. Not only that, they're not metal, not at all. Not only that, they play the same videos over and over it seems. They play way too many Scorpions videos. Seriously, they're fine and all, but you get tired of hearing them when they have 3 freakin videos in like a 40 video block. And there almost always played. I like Judas Priest, but the only videos I've ever seen on there are "Breaking the Law", "You Got Another Thing Comin'" and "Turbo" "Turbo" sucks. Not only that, they need to play more real metal, I want to hear more classic metal bands and maybe a little thrash metal. Seriously. They play Dio, they play Armored Saint, they play Saxon, but they don't play them enough. Meanwhile terrible bands like Poison take up all the space. They play some old Metallica videos from there live performances occasionally, but I've never seen them play the video for "One". The only Megadeth video I've seen is "Symphony of Destruction". I've seen Sepultura's "Territory" and some other song, but seriously, that's from when they became a groove metal band, groove metal is honestly dangerously close to nu-metal. I've only seen Pantera on there twice, and that song both times was "Mouth for War". The last time I saw it, they actually played good songs for a good chunk. They played Anthrax and Metallica, and some others in there, along with that video, but right after that video they played some crappy Biohazard song. There like a suckier Pantera with rapping. I see the video come on, and I'm like "This looks like its gonna rock!" but it doesn't, it sucks. But even videos that are good are fairly rare, they mostly play crap and when they play something decent its the same thing every time, good is even rarer. I don't mind them playing Motley Crue, or even Ratt every once in a while, but they need to stop playing garbage that isn't metal at all. And if there going to play that stuff they should play more Skid Row, because I like Skid Row, and they should play the video for "Slave to the Grind" sometime. Also, for some reason, there weekend shows, seem to be better.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Album review: Endgame by Megadeth

So I've had the new Megadeth album for a while. What do I think of it? I think it's an excellent metal album. Megadeth have most of the time been rivals to Metallica, mostly because Dave Mustaine, the singer and rhythm guitarist, used to play guitar for Metallica, and wrote some songs that are on their earlier albums. But he got fired and started Megadeth to get back at Metallica. He wanted to create a band that would be more successful. He failed in that. However Megadeth have always been better musicians than Metallica, their songs are far more technical. But, while Megadeth may be better musicians, and they are indeed excellent musicians, they were never better songwriters. But that doesn't mean they weren't good. They were, and they definitely are now. Metallica put out Death Magnetic, and somewhat regained there former sound, the one that got them a fan base before they stopped being metal. It is a good album, but the extreme compression makes that album almost unlistnable to me. This album is not just a good album, but a great album, this album destroys Death Magnetic, its so far ahead its not even funny. Not to say Death Magnetic was bad, not at all, I gave it an 8, but Endgame just blows it out of the water. For starters, the production on this album is really good, its not over compressed, it sounds great. The modern production just makes the songs even better. Also, the musicianship is phenomenal. The drumming is fantastic, the guitars are tight and focused, the soloing is insane, they have dueling solos all over the place and its great. The songs themselves are excellent, all of them, but the standout ones especially. The songs just lock into the rhythm and drive forward with a fury. "1,320'" is a song that just locks into a groove and drives forward, as I said earlier, with a fury. "Dialectic Chaos" is a great instrumental. But I'm not going to describe the songs in detail, although "44 Minutes" kind of has stupid lyrics. It's almost like reading a report, seriously. But it's a good song, even if the lyrics are kinda stupid. Bottom line is that this is an excellent metal album, its miles ahead of Death Magnetic. Some songs are excellent, some good, but none are bad, or even "ok"; I like all of them. Even though I'm giving this a 9 out of 10, its tons better than Death Magnetic. 9 out of 10

Saturday, October 17, 2009

An interview with the creator of Daily Ramblings

So today I got a chance to sit down with the creator of this blog and ask him a few questions.

So what is the main goal here at Daily Ramblings?

Global domination of the blogosphere of course.

When did you decide to create Daily Ramblings?

Well, I've always had alot to say about everything, I figured why not share it with the world?

Do you have plans for expanding?

Well I had intended to give Daily Ramblings a proper website that shows up on Google and doesn't have the whole .blogspot thing, but that didn't happen, I might in the future, but moving this would be some work I think.

So do you have any plans for future rants?

Of course, I always have some in my head, I'm thinking of having you write about bottled water.

Why is that?

Well there stupid! Why should you pay dollars for a few ounces of water when you can get the same water for cents!?

I totally agree boss.

Yeah, and it's not like it's cleaner or anything, you know what? I think bottled water is a conspiracy by the aqua industrial complex.

The aqua industrial complex?

(quickly) Yeah, there everywhere man, there like in breakfast cereals man!

I see, you know, I think I'm an aquaholic.

No kidding? Me too!

Well we seem to hold similar opinions on everything do we not?

Yeah we do.

So what do you think of the new Dethklok album?

I think it sucks.

Really? I think it was pretty good.

But their all, look at us, we're half American half Scandinavian.

But it wasn't all that bad.

It sucked!


I still think it sucks!

Alright whatever, lets just agree to disagree. So do you have anything else to say to the devoted fans we have?

Yes, leave comments, it makes us appear more popular, which is part of marketing, which will help us gain global domination of the blogosphere.

Well said. But I suppose you have much important business to do, so I'm gonna have to say bye.

Yes, very much so. Good bye


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Album review: Black Gives Way To Blue by Alice in Chains

(I know this is a very long review, mostly because I want to describe each song and how it sounds. So please bear with me.)

So yesterday I picked up this album at Best Buy on the day of release, it wasn't even on the shelves yet when I got it, it was still on the carts. But anyway, this is AiC's first album in 14 years, and there first album without Layne Staley, who died of a drug overdose in 2002.
I must say, his replacement, William Duvall, does a pretty good job of singing, he doesn't sound like Layne Staley but he doesn't sound out of place at all. The only problem is that he doesn't get enough upfront singing time, in there old material Layne Staley was clearly the undisputed lead singer, although much of there sound relied on vocal harmonies with guitarist Jerry Cantrell, he was always upfront and Cantrell was in the background more so. Now it's the opposite, while William Duvall actually manages to harmonize well, he doesn't sing upfront much, except on 1 song.
It actually seems that they've traded some harmonizing for switching singing lines, which is kinda cool I suppose. But anyway, this album is definitely Alice in Chains, although they aren't trying to rehash past material, it starts out with "All Secrets Known", its, I'm not sure how to really describe it, airy? AiC records, there 3 previous (they've been around since like 1987 and have only released 4 albums including this one and 2 EP's, although one of them is long enough to be considered a short album, its got 7 songs, it's like half an hour.) albums have always started off with a heavy, rocking song that kicked the crap out of you. This one doesn't, but it's a good song. One thing that stands out is the lyrics are about a new beginning and healing and such, which seems appropriate. The next song is the radio single "Check my Brain", its easy to see why it was on the radio, its melodic, it's a rocking, non-acoustic song and its kinda catchy. Some people whine about how it talks about California, and it is a little cliche, but its about Jerry Cantrell moving to L.A, so it makes sense, seriously. Although I will say that the music video for this song sucks. Its one of the cheapest things I have ever seen. I think they blew there whole budget and we got that cheap piece of crap for a video. It shows the band playing the song and all, which is good, it's what a music video should be, but it looks like it was made with windows movie maker and some stock stuff, I'm not kidding, for example, when they sing "So I found myself in the sun...", guess what they do, they put a picture of the sun in the background! That's real creative. Not. Cheap indeed. But it is a good song. "Last Of My Kind" is the one song where Duvall sings upfront for pretty much the whole song, and he sings great, I don't know why he doesn't sing upfront more often. This is one of the standout songs on this album I feel, it's also one of the heaviest, along with "A Looking in View". But this is the only song we get to hear him upfront. The next song "Your Decision" is an acoustic song. A really good one in fact. I think this is one of the best songs on the album. Then there's "A looking in View", This song is really good, though it has a small flaw in that it drags too long. It's over 7 minutes long. it's also pretty heavy, in the intro theres a little bit of, actually like a split second of double bass, which is unusual for an Alice in Chains song. and then it rips into this riff, it rocks, then the verse with the "Hear footsteps creak the floor..." part with all the harmonies, then it launches right back into that riff, then the verse picks up again with the harmonies, then that riff again, and William Duvall goes "Lay! Down!..." in the chorus. Brilliant, it kicks hiney as the kids say now. Then they have some of that line trading thing with the vocals, where one sings one line and another sings the next, that's cool. And it's got that hook-y "A looking in view too long on the outside..." post chorus thing too, and it's also repeated alot at the end. Great song. "When The Sun Rose Again" is another acoustic song, its cool, it seems to be speaking about how they are back with the "It seems you prophesied all of this would end, where you burned away when the sun rose again?" I think that might be a reference to there sun logo. And then, there's "Acid Bubble", what a song, i think it's the best song on here, it's brilliant. It took a bit to grow on me, but when you really listen to it, you realize the small things that make this song so great. it's slow, it's sludgy, it starts with this riff that just towers over you, its got these slow, harmonized verses, then they've got that line trading again, with Cantrell singing "and I always payed attention to all the lines you crossed" and then Duvall sings "Forgive this imperfection, it shows and know..." part, that's freakin cool, then they go into the chorus with all the harmonies, and then when Duvall sings "Alone inside your mind" the way it rings out, that's cool, and it has a vaguely Layne Staley quality to it,and he doesn't even sound like him at all. All the little things, and then I love that riff that they play in the middle of the song, during the "Intent obsolescence! Built into the system!" part, it's all like duh-duh-duh duh duh duh- duh duh duh duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh, of course you can't really get it from my typing, but its so cool. That song is 6 minutes and 54 seconds of brilliance. "Lesson Learned" is one of those rocking songs, its fairly fast, its short, it's catchy, and its a definite candidate for a single. It's a good song. "Take her out" sounds like something from Jerry Cantrells solo career, but it's a really good song, I've seen some people say this is a weaker song or that it should have been a B-side for a single. I disagree, this is a good song, it's got that sludgy guitar that chugs along at a nice pace and fits well with the vocal melodies, and the chorus is kind of catchy, this is also a song I think could be a single. But its a good song. In fact, I'd say there are no bad songs on this album. But bottom line is this is a good song. "Private Hell" definitely has that "down in a hole" vibe, it's not quite as good though, it doesn't have the same high "Down in a Hole" did. I mean this song has that, but it's not nearly as good as "Down in a Hole". This song does have those "Uh huh, uh huh" responses though. It's not a bad song by any means though. Finally, the album closer, and title track "Black gives Way to Blue", is easily the best ballad they ever did. Ever. In fact, Elton John plays piano on this song, which makes it even better. The only problem with this song is that it's too short, although that's not really a problem. It's a beautiful song really. And I like that they take a stab at all those rip off bands with the "Imitations are pale" line. Great song, perfect closer.
This album does not tarnish Alice in Chains in any way, in fact, it's a great album that in my opinion has no bad songs. It's merely a new chapter in their history. It took some time for this album to grow on me though, I seriously considered giving this album a 7 at first, but I figured 8, but now, I think that this album is deserving of a 10, it's that good. Go out and buy this album now, seriously. 10 out of 10.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Calculators: an exercise in mediocrity

So heres an idea for a rant i've had for a long time, so whats the point of using calculators in school? In 4th grade when we were learning division and such we weren't allowed to use them, but now we're allowed to use them for almost everything, its stupid. When all the computers fail, how will stores calculate prices? They probably can't write it out because they probably don't know how too. It's stupid, or rather its making us stupid. They let us use calculators for stuff we could do in our head probably if we thought about it or wrote it out. Its ridiculous.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Today at School

School today was easily the saddest school day ever. I heard the teacher in woodshop made an emotional speech that almost brought the whole class to tears. I myself feel bad I didn't wear orange, I dont have anything orange, that I didnt know Colton better, and I feel bad for eceryone else espeshally Katie and Nick and such. I think i'm still fully processing this though. I mean, 14 year olds aren't supposed to just die. You go through school seeing the same few hundred kids through out the years grow up and graduate, from beginning to end, now that isn't going to happen. I mean, kids move sometimes, but it's just not the same. There was a general feling of sadness through out school today, in math class a few kids cried, it felt really weird just having an empty desk there, you know? I feel sad, although some people are absolutly torn. This is truely a sad day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

R.I.P Colton

Edit: Ok, maybe he wasnt even at the dance, although thats what I was told. Still tragic either way. Antother edit: Ok, I dont really know, I'm hearing different things. A 3rd edit: Ok, she did go to the dance anyway, alone, sad isnt it?

So Colton died in a 4 wheeler accident yesterday. Really this is terrible. He was 14. I still can't really believe this happened. School will be interesting tomorrow. But really this is tragic, I didn't know him very well, but it was the night of the homecoming dance and he was taking this girl (I'm not going to mention her name because its irrelevant). Put yourself in her shoes, it's your first high school dance, and then the person u were taking dies on the day of the dance. It's sad really. This was completely unexpected. Really this is probably one of those moments that's burned into your mind, like JFK or 9/11, but on a smaller scale. Its one thing to hear about people dying on the news, but when it happens to someone you know it's completely different. This is truly a tragedy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Album review - Inhaler by Tad

Tad was a grunge band from Seattle formed in 1988, despite the fact they were one of the first bands to sign to Sub Pop, they were the last notable local band to get a major label signing. They never became famous. After this album, their major label debut, they were dropped due to a controversial promo poster. After 1 more album that received negative reviews, they broke up in 1998 after several years of not being signed to a label. This album however, is apparently their best. It's also one of the heaviest grunge albums ever made. To me, this album almost defines grunge. Regardless of the hype surrounding the term, this album is grunge. It's heavy, distorted, it's got that dirty guitar sound to it. I also like the drumming, they seem to have a good drummer, he uses double bass occasionally too. Tad Doyle isn't really a good singer objectively, but he works well here. I think he also plays guitar. The album opens with "Grease Box", possibly the best song on the album, and in fact, one of my favorite songs. It opens with a great bass line that grooves. In fact, one time a few months ago it started playing in my head and I had no idea where it came from. But I was sure I'd heard it somewhere, then I found it when I remembered this song. But it starts with that bass line, and then the distorted, dirty, "grungy" guitar kicks in playing the same thing. It's great really. In the verse that guitars playing in the right speaker, then in the middle the other one kicks in the other speaker and I don't really know how to describe it but it rocks. I also like the "and you don't have to stand..." part in the chorus. And the solo is awesome, I mean, maybe its not like a thrash metal solo or something, but it sounds cool to me. The next song "Throat Locust" rocks and rolls. It starts and just assaults you with that riff, it's just a power chord or something but it kicks the crap out of anything Nickelback could ever dream of with a power chord. And then the chorus with its "It wont mean a thing..." is cool, and they have the lead guitar or whatever tremoloing over the power chord or whatever, its so simple but it's cool, I'm not a musician, so it can be hard for me to describe what I hear, but nonetheless, I try. Leafy Incline starts out downbeat, with it's downbeat verses until the loud chorus, with its sorta catchy "I'm not alone" part. It's a good song. "Luminol" has a bunch of bass drum that has a cool rhythm and sort of drives the song. Until the middle when it gets soft with the acoustic guitar for a bit, except the electric guitars chaotically chiming in, then it goes back to the cool drumming. Then it gets even softer with a piano and acoustic guitar. That's cool. Then it goes back to electric and starts the end part of the song. But I'm not going to go into detail about each song. "Ulcer" is alright but, it doesn't really impress me much. It doesn't seem to stand out alot. "Lycanthrope" pretty much sucks. I don't like it. "Just bought the Farm" is an ok song. Not really bad, not really good. "Rotor" is really heavy. It opens with this bass line, then the guitar comes in for one moment, then it goes back to just bass. It's so simple but I think its cool. It's got a cool riff too, its heavy and grooves. And I just like the way Tad Doyle Belts out the chorus. "Paregoric" is, along with "Grease Box" one of the best songs on here. Its got a great crescendo riff that gets stuck in your head too, the riff is really cool sounding. Plus it's got that "Too late!" band chant too. "Pansy" has a really sludgy riff. The closer song "Gouge" is a ballad, with acoustic guitars mixed with electric, and is the most melodic song on here. It ends with a whole bunch of feedback noises. It's a good song. All in all, this is a really good heavy metal/grunge album. An album that rocks and rolls, This is exactly what it sounds like, really heavy grunge. 8 out of 10

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Video and Song of the week feature is on indefinate hiatus

So since it's really difficult to get good songs now, I've decided to put the weekly Song and Video feature on permenant hiatus, i'm essentially doing away with it. It may occassionally make a return if I find some interesting things, but as a weekly feature it is essentially no more. I've decided to get back to doing more rants. I'm also thinking of getting Google adsense, I know ads on the side aren't nessisarily good, but the more you click on them, the more money I get, which means more money to buy albums, and more content. But anyways, song and video of the week is now on permentant hiatis.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm not a fan of Nintendo. In fact, I think their outdated. Let me explain, yes they are responsible for some of the greatest classics in video gaming. But they are now a mere shell of themselves. One thing I don't like about Nintendo is the outdated technology they use now. It's been this way for years. It all started with the Nintendo 64, the rise of The Playstation as a serious competator (I still have mine). They used CDs, while The Nintendo 64 still used outdated old fashioned cartriges still. Although they did have the game Goldeneye. I will give them that. But the Nintendo 64 was outdated already because of that. Then we get the Gamecube, it used really small disks for some reason. It wasnt that good. The PS2 and X-box were ahead technologically still. And now we get to the current generation of consules. The Wii. The Wii is outdated, its just a gamecube with a controller shaped like a remote that you flick to give the illusion of movement. It's quite hyped. Revolutionary my foot. I read in an article Wiis only cost 99 dollars to make but that you buy it for like $250. Meanwhile, Microsoft sells their X-box 360 below what its worth to make you buy it. Not to mention, the only reason Nintendo is still relevent is because now they tap into the market of "casual gamers". In other words, people mostly over the age of 30 something, or people who do not really play video games. Regardless of who exactly, these people represent the effects of the hype bubble. It's when something becomes very popular in the mainstream it attracts a fanbase of mostly hanger-oners who will drop it and move on to the next big thing. Pop music is solely based on this. Which is why songs have such a short shelf life. Not to mention, Nintendo has milked Mario and other such characters for the past 20 or so years at least, how bout some new characters? X-box has Master Chief from the Halo games. How about some new characters???? Without it's massive hype machine, Nintendo would be far less influentual in todays video game market.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Song(s) and video(s) of the week

So I looked at my calender and it turns out I forgot about my weekly video posting, and I figure I'd do this weeks videos early too, so I'll post 3 videos.

Here's the latest single from Alice in Chains, it's a great song, despite alot of my fears, this new singer (William Duvall) works. I really can't wait for this new album, it sounds like it's going to be great, I think it comes out on September 29, and once it does, when I get my hands on it, I will review it, the only problem I hear is that Jerry Cantrell is mixed too loud, I want to hear this new singer more upfront. I'm sure I will when I hear an accoustic song. And I know that the thing says "A Looking In View", but that doesn't really matter, its about the song, and this has good quality, the music video isnt out yet, but it will be, and I might replace this with that in the future. But enough of my commentary.

Check my Brain - Alice in Chains

I feel that, since I have a 2 songs with their new singer here, and the only video I have of their old one is a unplugged performance somewhere on this site, and a Pink Floyd cover song side project done in 1999, at a point where drugs had destroyed any power he had in his voice, and had caused him to start losing teeth, that actually was the last recording he ever made, I should put a studio version of a really good song on here. It has a music video, but I dont like it, and I don't like the live versions I've seen either, it doesnt capture this song fully I feel. So I found a video with just the lyrics, and thats all you need, this is a good song. In fact, it was in the new Terminator movie, at least that what I've heard.

Would? - Alice in Chains

System of a Down is one of the few modern bands I like, these guys are one of the best bands out there, in my opinion. Serj Tanikan can change his vocals on a dime, their funny too. I wanted a ballad like hypnotize on here, but its embedding disabled, but this song is funny, at first it sounds like its about pizza but it's actually about advertising, i think its a good song anyway.

Chic N Stu - System of a Down

This is a hilarious contimplation of birds attacking people, its hilarious, but I already said that.

Funny Bird Attacks

Heres a video of a snake and a bird fighting, you might want to turn it down a bit cause the musics a bit loud. The description says the bird eventually won.

Bird vs Snake

This guy is amazing at beatboxing, he makes sounds I have no idea even existed. He's fast too. and he can make multiple sounds at the same time.

Best Beatboxer!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Food Labels

Whats up with food labels? I go to the store and I see something that says "98% fat free". That language is misleading, what it really means is 2% fat. If something said 50% fat free, its still 50% fat. Its wording designed to hide that it is still somewhat unhealthy. Although I admit it is a good idea, I wouldnt have realized it unless I thought about it. Clearly this is a tactic to make food sound healthier.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Weird Names (written 7/23/09)

I can't stand trendy or weird names. It's so stupid, why can't you just name your child right? Celebrities seem to be in a contest to find the weirdest name. Whats that about??? But what I can't stand even more, are names intentionally spelled wrong. That's bull. It's not funny or cute, it makes you look like an idiot who can't spell right. Thanks to all the trend following, tabloid reading moms who want to be "different" we have this. You know, that actually seems like an oxymoron, they contradict each other, how can one be trend following, and want to be different? Exactly. Everyone wants to be different, so to try to be different than everyone else, you do what everyone else is doing to get away from being the same. It's like things that started out different, everyone catches on too, and they all start doing it. In this case, everyone was already doing it before you got the chance to spell your kids name in an idiotic way. Seriously check out some of this I found on a website (it says "Creative baby name spellings, creative? How about stupid?), Abigail can be spelled Abbigail, Abagale, or Abigael. Caleb can be spelled Kaleb, Cayleb, or Caeleb. Zachary can be spelled Zakary, Zakkary, or Zacharie. Michelle could be spelled Mashell, M'shell. Jennifer could be spelled Jennyfer, Jennipher, or Jennafer. Are you kidding me?? What intelligent person would buy this nonsense? How would you like your kid spending their entire lives, telling people how to spell their name??? Seriously. Name your kid right, don't spell like a 7 year old. Another thing I don't like, is when parents give their kids ethnic names, even though their heritage is not at all what they named their kid. For example, giving your kid a Russian sounding name, when you're not even Slavic. Whats up with that?? That's another thing I don't get. And why are there names only old people seem to have? Like Agnes or Merle. Why do we never see those names anymore? Why can't parents just name their kids after Saints or people of the Old Testament, like David or Adam like normal people? That's what most people do, why can't you do that? Bottom line, at least for their sake, and the sake of sounding educated, name your kid a normal name.

Songs(s) and Videos of the week

So I'm backed up by 3 weeks, another 6 video post. it's getting increasingly hard for me to find music on Youtube that meets all my requirements. Some of it has embedding disabled and I can't use it. Sometimes almost enite artists are off limits to me because their record label (like SonyBMG) has all their videos embedding disabled. Not only that but I try to keep this site family friendly and I do go to great lengths to assure that. I personally watch all of the videos I post. This rules out some live performances, like for example, alot of Metallica performances, seemingly most from the early 90s. Because for some reason James Hetfield felt he had to use the F word for no particular reason. I also go to lengths to assure quality. I try to ensure you see high quality performances, which I usually describe, music videos and songs too. Nontheless, I am finding Youtube songs increasingly hard. I do not plan on discontinuing this weekly feature. So I guess I'm going to have to start looking at some other sites, and start searching for songs earlier.

I have the Among The Living Album, I didn't like it much when I first got it, although I've been listning to it lately and now I realize it's pretty good, heres one of the songs on there I've always liked, in fact, it was one of the songs I bought the album for in the first place.

Anthrax - Indians

How could I have forgeotten this song? It's a classic. I don't know what to classify it but it's a good song.

The Charlie Daniels Band - Still in Saigon

Here's another Charlie Daniels Band song, I don't have the internet speed right now to watch videos, so I'll just put this out, and this is still a good song. I may later change this to a live performance if I can find one.

The Charlie Daniels Band - The South's Gonna Do It Again

Since I can't watch videos due to my slow internet, I have to improvise, I'll take whatever I think of.

Weird Al Yankovic used to have a short lived childrens show, it was canceled because of conflict of interest, weird al's humor was more adult oriented, while the station, (I forget which one) considered it an educational childrens show. I read a story about it and was suprised what got pass the censors. Here's some clips.

Imaginary Friend (Weird Al Show)

Heres one of the fake commericals they did.
Pizza Quick Commerical (Weird Al Show)

I heard cats always landed on their feet, idk, here's a news clip of a cat that fell 80 feet from a tree and lived.

Cat falls 80 feet and lives

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've split the blog into two pages

It seems I now have so much content, some computers freeze trying to load my blog, So I've split the blog into 50 posts on 1 page, to see the rest of the site, just click "see older posts" at the bottom.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Song and video of the day

Here's a live rendition of a really good Megadeth song, the only complaints I have with this is Dave Mustaine sings sort of naisily and high pitched, sounds weird, and I think the guitar ist might have started improvising the solo, I'm not sure, but other than that it's a good performance.

Megadeth-Tornado of Souls (live, 2005)

but don't just take my word for it, even daffy duck likes Megadeth.

Duck Dodgers-In Space No One Can Hear You Rock (Special guest star Dave Mustaine.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Video(s) and song(s) of the week

I'm sorry i've been so lazy, because I'm almost a month behind, so I got to throw out 3 videos for each catigory.

So since I gave that deliverance album a 10, I wondered, are there any other Christian bands that are actually good? I asked the question online and someone recommended this, it's a progressive power metal band, and the person who answere me said this was by far their heaviest song.

Theocracy - Laying The Demon To Rest

Turns out, the guy who sings for theocracy, is also the guy who made this hilarious spot on parody of Metallicas St.Anger album.

St. Anger Parody-Matt Smith

So Alice in Chains is finally releasing a new album for the first time in 14 years. They have a new singer since their original one died in 2002, and suprisingly, this song isn't bad, it's really heavy,and the new singer works, he doesn't sound like the original one but he works. This songs really long too. It'll be interesting to hear him when he sings more up front. Now I'm excited about this new album.

Alice in Chains - A Looking In View

Heres a video of a HUGE firecracker roll.

Proper use of a firecracker roll!

Blowing up a pumpkin.

Blowing up a pumpkin with an M-80 !!!!

Blowing up another pumpkin.

LOUD Pumpkin blow up

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wendy's boneless chicken wings

So Wendy's is serving boneless chicken wings now. What??? That's idiotic. If you take out the bones then it will just be chicken with buffalo sauce. This is just stupid. Right now I can picture that guy from American Chopper going "You stupid, stupid idiot!" I can picture marketing executives scheming up ways to make stupid people buy something already Mcdonalds sells and charging more. You see? It's stupid. It's chicken wings with out the wings! Brilliant! Maybe next time we'll have fry-less fries with that too. Don't be duped by this sham. All your buying is chicken strips with a fancy name, you want lies with that also? That's going to cost extra. Seriously. Boneless chicken wings? That's like boneless chicken legs, it's almost an oxymoron. Hey, maybe they could sell those too. I wish I could make this longer, but I don't think I can. But the point is, boneless chicken wings is a very stupid idea.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Official facebook page.

Yes, it's here, the official facebook page for Daily Ramblings, all part of my guerrilla marketing campaign on the Internet. Unfortunately, the website page creator didn't work, so it looks like a personal page. Nonetheless, it's here. I'll expand the page in the future, quite likely the near future. Show your support for this site and add me to your friends. Just search, Daily Ramblings.

I've scrapped the political blog.

So, due to the spectacular failure of the politcal blog, mostly becuase I never did anything with it, I've gotten rid of it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

Heres an old Soundgarden song, from back when they were an underground band, and noone had ever heard of them. it's pretty obvious from the bad production, and low budget video. But it still got on MTV. Dispite the production, its still a good song.

Soundgarden - Flower

Heres somthing funny, the lego man calls a construction company. (Danboe is the guy who submitted the video, and is the one making the prank call.)

Lego Man Prank Call

Monday, June 8, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

Heres another old country-ish song. Not exactly country but it's close enough, I've spent a long time looking for videos so accept it.

Charlie Daniels - South's Gonna Do It Again

Heres a video of a girl getting hit in the face by a dodgeball in what seems like gym class or something.

Girl breaks face with dodgeball

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Album Review: Weapons of Our Warfare by Deliverance

(11/2/09 edit: What was I thinking? A 10? This album is really good, but a 10? This is too melodic to really kick my ***. Besides, his voice fits better with there more progressive metal stuff, like on Stay of Excecution (and he sounds almost exactly like the guy from Queensr├┐che not Ronnie James Dio.) Now that is a good song. The chugging riff with a rhythm that charges forward. That is what I like in metal. My new rating is 8 out of 10)

(A few minutes later: I'm back after a few minutes, what am I talking about? Of course it sounds great, but prehaps I just dont like the operatic singing. Whatever the case, I overrated this album, its still really good, but not a 10.)

(1/12/10 edit: No! What was I thinking? It's not a bad album at all, its pretty good, there later stuff sucks I hear, although I do like the song "Stay of Execution", my final rating of 8 out of 10 still stands, but this is still a good metal album, of course it's heavy at times.)

So soon after I posted that video, and impressed by some stuff I heard on Rhapsody, I downloaded the album off I-tunes. My conclusion. This album rules. With a capital R. To start off, the production on this album is great. The musicianship is on par with early Metallica and Megadeth. And almost all of it is sutible for headbanging, or "Brain Breaking" as Leah calls it. This means alot coming from a Christian band. Where alot seem to stay in amaturism, I think because they have a guaranteed fan base, not these guys, these guys are up there, they seem serious about musicianship. Not to mention, even though it's a Christian band, you won't find any preaching or bible stories or anything (except maybe "23" which is about psalm 23, but Megadeth did the same thing) it's all spiritual warfare and such. Some songs that stand out to me, are "This Present Darkness" which is a fast shredder and reminds me of Metallica's "Battery" (but doesn't rip it off at all.) The title track, "Weapons of Our Warfare" which you can watch below, (and which Lars Ulrich called one of his top 10 favorite videos)."Solitude, which is one of the more melodic songs and is one of the best songs on the album. "Flesh and Blood" which at 7:21, is the longest song on here and rules. "Greetings of Death" which has a cool doodly hammer riff. After listning to it a couple times, I noticed the similarities to Metallica's "The End of The Line". But they didn't rip it off since this came out 18 years before Death Magnetic. But there really are no bad songs on this album, all of them are good in fact. (Except "Bought for Blood" objectivly speaking I suppose it's not a terrible song, but I don't like it.) On a side note, the singer doesn't really have alot of growl to his singing, he sings agressivly, and has a good range, well, actually thats a good thing he isn't trying to rip off James Hetfield, but he sounds fine, he doesnt sound like Joey Belladonna, he has more of a Ronnie James Dio quality to his voice. (Now that I listen to this more, he kinda sounds like Dave Mustaine in his higher ranges, but with out the grumbling and mumbling.) So it's still metal. Bottom Line: really well played speed metal, go out and buy this album now. 10 out 10

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

Heres a song I found, its a thrash metal song called "Weapons of our Warfare", it's by a band called Deliverance, there a Christian band with a singer that sounds alot like Ronnie James Dio. He sang about elves and stuff, this doesnt sound too out of place. If my opinion isn't enough, Lars Ulrich called this video one of his top 10 favorites. (Maybe that doesnt help, idk.) Bottom line, this song rules.

Deliverance - Weapons of our warfare

This is hystarical, a bear is tranquilized, lands on a tramploine, and faceplants on the lawn, hilarious.

Bear Trampoline

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A review of the middle school talent show

So I'm at school right now in the math room on a computer, we just got out of the talent show. What did I think of it?? I think it was worse than last years. Almost all of the entries were girls who think they could sing. Now some did pretty good, one espeshally, but most of them were not of much quality, even worse, about half were a-cappelas, ugh, thanks alot American Idol. On the bright side, there was one juggling act, Devin did this really cool thing where he made the balls look like they were floating, that was cool. Giana played the violin, i didn't really understand it, she says it was something called "rockin' strings" or something. One other girl played violin and did good. The first act was a kid playing the "Star Spangled Banner" with a guitar, and there was one kid who played guitar and did good. Later the teachers did stuff, some of them tried to rap and was dressed up like steryotypical rappers, that was hilarious. The last thing was a bunch of teachers singing a song, which really didn't seem to be much but a time waster considering it was kinda loud, and the microphone got screwed up (I remember). But the best act of the day was this skateboarding dog. Now that was cool. All in all, it was pretty lousy considering almost everything was a girl thinking they could sing. Let the word go out, UMS has very little talent!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Creed is getting back together

This is just sad, Creed is getting back together after breaking up in 2003, this is wonderful news, more terrible music to clog the radio. I can't beleive this, all they do is make background noise by playing 3 chords sluggishly over and over, with an Eddie Vedder impersonator singing, and a bad drummer. Why can't people make good music these days? Seriously, I mean can't they make something thats interesting? How long will this generic radio filler era last? It's been at least 12 years. This is bull. Seriously, I can not wait for the garbage to be released.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

Here's a really good song, it's Skid Row, when they were really, really good. Unlike now. But that's not this song, this is when they still has Sebastian Bach, who's a really good singer. But all rambling filler aside this is a really good song. I like this song, alot.

Skid Row-18 And Life

This guy is hysterical, I've put on of his videos on here before, here's a contemplation with some of his funniest moments. Hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing.

Best of Drive Thrus

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

So, I think I've finally solved alot of problems, one is being able to watch music videos at school, another is Youtube not allowing me to embed anything. I've found the answer. Yahoo Video. Which I hope will be my new source of music videos, and it allows me to replace some that have been pulled off Youtube for one reason or another. (Ok, Yahoo music didnt work, so heres another source.)

Heres a really good song. it sounds like AC/DC but it's even better if that we're possible. The singer sounds like both singers from AC/DC combined. They do things AC/DC would never do, like the part near the end. And, scince their a metal band, their heavier. It really sounds like AC/DC with a more early 80s sound really. but this is a really good song.

Accept-Balls To The Wall

Finally, someones making censored Angry Video Game Nerd videos. Now I can post them here! This guys hilarious, although at this point he was still developing his style and wasn't really "angry" yet.

Angry Video Game Nerd-Karate Kid (Censored)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Music Video Collection

I'm going to post every single song I've ever put on here, since I started this blog almost a year ago. It runs from oldest to newest.


AC/DC-It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)

David Allen Coe-The Ride


Class of 99-Another Brick In The Wall pt. 2 (Pink Floyd cover)

Metallica-Enter Sandman


System of a Down-Toxicity


Public Enemy & Anthrax - Bring the noise

Testament - Souls of Black

Hank Williams Jr. - A Country Boy Can Survive

Boston - Rock and Roll Band

I'll Sue Ya - Weird Al Yankovic

Metallica-Harvester of Sorrow (live,1991)

Megadeth-Hangar 18


Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Metallica-Master Of Puppets


Merle Haggard - Mama Tried (live)

Judas Priest - Breaking The Law (Live 1986)

Bush - Comedown

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Tuesday's Gone

Alice in Chains-Got Me Wrong (Unplugged)

Metallica - ...And Justice For All (live-1989)

Bob Seger-Turn the Page

Metallica-Turn the Page (cover)

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Swine Flu

Whats is up with this swine flu? Its front page, first topic covered story in every news media outlet. The amount of hype surrounding this practically non-existant disease is ridiculous. 19,000 people a year die from the regular flu every year, and now, because we have 1 or two cases of this "swine flu" which from what i hear isn't even as bad as the regular flu, we've got a panic, over nothing!! This is bull. We shouldn't be panicking because theres a case in china and maybe Mexico, ok so what? Some people in Mexico died from it? Mexicans die all the time. You can die from drinking the water there. Comon. The local news has a "hot line", Oprah (who shouldn't even be on TV) did a whole spot about this. Its insane and ridiculous. Theres a few cases and its called a "pandemic". Yeah, a few isolated cases and we have a worldwide "pandemic". Unbelievable. What about the normal flu? It sweeps across quickly, there are many, many more people that get that than this "swine flu" which has nothing to do with pigs at all. Yet Egypt killed all theirs. 19,000 people a year die from the regular flu. And here we are panicking over an almost non-existent disease that that is hyped up so bad it isn't even funny. Its ridiculous.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Videos and Songs of the week

So lately i've been very lazy, so im going to give you 4 (the whole episode counts for 2 videos at least in my opinion.)

I really like this song, its almost 10 minutes long. I like all the changes and such. I also like the drumming, even though its sometimes hard to make out at times.

Metallica - ...And Justice For All (live-1989)

This is a really good song.

Bob Seger- Turn the Page

Heres the same song covered by Metallica, i found it while I was looking for that other one. This ones heavier of course, I like it. What do you mean I can't have the same song? Of course I can, what do you mean I can't have the same band? Its different enough. This is also really good. And different enough from the origional.

Metallica - Turn the Page (cover)

Im gonna post an entire episode of King of The Hill, the latest as of now.

"Bad News Bill"
King Of The Hill - Bad News Bill

Monday, April 20, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

So once again I searched, than I remembered this. Surely this wouldn't have "embedding disabled by request." it didn't. I like this song, though this version isn't as good as the album version, especially since at this point in time the singer was definitely not what he'd used to be. Nonetheless, this is still good.

Alice in chains-Got me wrong (Unplugged)

Here's a hilarious video of kids getting hit with exercise ball.

Kid Meets Wall

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I know I haven't done anything in a while, so I'll just toss out some filler. Whats up with grocery stores? Lets examine the various annoyances everyday people like you face. Number 1 is the parking lot. When theres a place to park your car, some idiot left their shopping cart there. You move over an aisle, another idiot left their shopping cart in the middle of the aisle. After about half an hour of driving around, you finally make it inside. Your shopping cart has a wobbly wheel. When you finally get you foods you go to check out, but do you use the self check out lane where theres a million people who spend 5 or so minutes at it just because its new-ish? Or do you go with the check out person, of course not, no one does that when they don't have too. You just wasted 15 minutes. And to top it off, another idiot dings your car backing out. You've now just wasted about an hour of life on annoyances, all to get some junk food that will eventually kill you. Congratulations.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Video and Song of The Week

This is hilarious, a kids mom hides and scares her kid singing Britney spears, he got what he deserved for singing Britney Spears.

Kid singing Britney Spears scared to death by his mom

Here's a really good song. It in the beginning of Happy Gilmore and its on Guitar Hero: Metallica. Which is really good and which I'll talk about later. But this is a good song.

Tuesday's Gone-Lynyrd Skynyrd

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

Heres a great song that you've probably heard. It's ultra catchy, I think this live version is even better than the album version, they play it faster herE. Classic heavy metal song.

Judas Priest - Breaking The Law (Live 1986)

Heres another song I like, also by Bush. They sound kinda like a british Nirvana, only more commericial, but they had some good songs. Like this one. It's just sad how the lead singers doing pop-ballads now. Im sure you've heard them, their on the radio now. (I just realized this video cuts short right near the end, heres the full song)

Bush - Comedown

This video is just a kid playing with some puppets

Muppets elmo cookie monster Safety violation Gone wrong

A cop is giving a lecture on gun safety when his own gun goes off accidently, kinda ironic. Yes, its real.

Accidental Discharge

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Song(s) and Video(s) of the week

Yeah, I know I missed last week to this week you get 4 videos.

Songs of the week

I really like this song. I don't like the whole genre of "post-grunge" but thats because its terrible now, it never used to be that way, its just that the third waves of stuff is terrible. But this songs great. And catchy.
The music video has embedding disabled so I just have this with the lyrics. But if you want something to watch theres a really good live version here. Good song.

Bush- Machinehead

Yay, another great country song.

Merle Haggard - Mama Tried (live)

Videos of the week

This probably hurt.

kid attempts flip into pool and gets seriously hurt

This is hilarious.
Worst Beatboxer Ever

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Video and Song of the week

This is also hilarious, a kid tries to jump off a table with an excersise ball. Hilarious.

idiot kid owned by a ball

Another Metallica song. I was going to do the Joy Division or something but i thought, I have to put this on sometime. So I did. The first time I heard this song when I was about 11 it blew me away. Of course even the studio versionisn't as good as the preformence in 1989 in Seattle. I can't post it here because I try to keep this site more or less family friendly, but go to youtube and find it. It's almost better than the studio version in my opinion. Good song.

Metallica - Master Of Puppets (With lyrics)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nickelodian, the ultimate sell-out

Nickelodeon is terrible now. After the 90s it was all over, all the good shows were cancelled and replaced by mindless stuff meant to appeal to 8 year olds. I don't buy the argument that I'm biased towards the shows I grew up watching. This new stuff really is terrible. There used to be shows such Kenan & Kel, Doug, The Rugrats, Rockos Modern Life, All That (before they replaced the cast with pre-teens), Hey Arnold, and Ren and Stimpy. All classics in every way. Now, we have stuff like The Naked Brothers Band, iCarley, Avatar:The Last Airbender, and the Abomination known as All Grown Up! That was supposed to be a 1 time special. Not a whole series, now the Rugrats is ruined even more! Speaking of The Rugrats, they stopped being good when the Rugrats movie came around, think about it, all the previous episodes were about their imagination. Now their actually lost in the woods. Isn't that kind of dark considering it's the Rugrats, and they added a new character. Bad move. Then they had another movie and another new character! Then it was dead as a creative show. Anyway, the new stuff is terrible. They had a very brief comeback, with Invader Zim, which is a very good show, but apparently the bizarre humor went over most kids heads and they cancelled it, terrible, I liked that show, with its freaky drawing style and just plain weirdness. Probably one of the weirdest shows ever created. Now it's gone and we have nothing. I watched this channel slowly turn to garbage. Eventually I became fed up and discovered King of The Hill, the best cartoon ever made, when I was flipping channels one day. Nickelodeon is nothing now, they sold out to Disney-esque attitudes. Now they are losing to Disney. Truly sad. Later.

Video and Song of the Week

This is funny, a baby panda sneezes and scares the bigger one.

Sneezing Panda

It's getting extremely hard to find songs. I search and search but all of them say "embedding disabled by request." Stupid record companies, don't they know I'm spreading their music? Anyway, I even got into my I-tunes looking for anything. I searched and searched about 10 people, nothing. I seriously considered putting Love Will Tear Us Apart, by the Joy Division on here, but do I really want the most depressing song ever made by the most depressing band ever? I even went back to weird Al for some reason. Although someday I have to post "trapped in The drive-thru". But, thankfully, I've found something, of course you've heard it a million times before.

nirvana - smells like teen spirit

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Professional Critics

Professional critics are for the most part, idiots who have no idea what their talking about. Take for instance, All Music Guide. And then take something which I've spoken of frequently before, say St.Anger. What a terrible album by a formerly great band (well, I guess not formally since the new album is actually good). AMG gave this 3 stars, which is the equivallent to a 6! Thats a hesitant thumbs up, that ridiculous. If you love low-tuned guitars, a drum with a terrible snare sound, a non-existant bass, no solos, and terrible compositions where the guitar is just an extention of the awful drums, this is it. I like the stuff Metallica did in the 80s, I have the first 5 albums (plus Death Magnetic) I don't have Load, Reload, and definatly not St.Anger. This is clearly nott the band that made Master of Puppets. But AMG doesnt think so, no, AMG does its typical idiocy. AMG uses alot of descriptions and nonsense to try to sound like they know what their talking about. So many descriptions. Useless. The fact they thought this was a decent album shows their idiocy in itself. To compare, listen Master of Puppets first, than listen to St.Anger. Compare the two songs, and I think you'll come to the same conclusion I did. But it's not just AMG, its the Rolling Stone. An organization run by very biased people who refuse to give anything not from their day (probably the 60s or 70s) a fair chance. It's not just music either, movie critics have no idea what ther talking about either. National Security, a hilarious movie i love, got a bad score. How can you not laugh at this scene? Movie citics don't know what good movies are. Professional critics don't know what their talking about. What the problem is?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Video and Song of the Week

King of the Hill is one of my favorite shows, someone made a soundboard, this is funny.

Hank Hill calls Home Depot

This is a good song, sorta stupid video, but it's a good song.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Why can't schools be at night?

Why can't schools be at night? We wake up real early in the morning, and come to school tired and unready to learn. Schools should be at night. Like in Las Vegas, where they have night school for kids who work at all night casinos. And children of alchoholics can't sleep at night. Why not have school at night? It's a good idea. But they won't do it. Why? the government has a monopoly on public schools and they have no competition. Night Schools are a good idea. FACT!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Video and song of the week

I ride horses myself and I can say with certainty that this kid is an idiot. Also, they seem to just be trespassing on someone else's pasture or farm or whatever, even if this were his horses he'd still be an idiot. Though I'm kinda surprised he stayed on as long as he did, one thing that kinda disturbing is that they just laugh. Still kinda funny.

Stupid Kid

I'm not as much a fan of Megadeth as I am of Metallica, I don't own any albums, though I will eventually, but while they aren't as consistent, this is still a really good song. Skip to 1:13 for the music. In case you were wondering, the song (and video) is about aliens.

Megadeth -- Hangar 18

Monday, February 9, 2009

TV today

TV today is terrible. I love King of The Hill and The Simpson's (before it started sucking)but TV now is terrible, The Simpsons sold out and started imitating Family Guy, which in itself is a blatant knock off of The Simpsons, just much stupider, and King of The Hill is just plain not funny any more. Although the last episode was really funny, its not the same, seasons 1-3 were the best. Other TV isn't much better either. The history channel is obsessed with Hitler now, and all things World War II or the occult or supernatural or whatever. And the Discovery Channel is full of ice road truckers and cop shows. theirs more history on the military channel than on the history channel. I Still have Psych, which i feel is a show that is funny and is still good and shows no signs of slowing down. 24 is still good, despite the fact that its kinda out there and season 6 was all over the place, season 5 was really good. Oh, theirs also UFC. But other than that TV terrible as old shows die and new ones to replace it are sub par. For instance, they just canceled King of the Hill, which is going to be replaced by The Cleveland Show, a Family Guy spin off. I can't believe their cancelling King of The hill for that. TV is terrible.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Video and Song of the Week

I was going to post a video of a real trampoline injury, then I decided, why not this?

The Simpsons - Trampoline Nightmare

This time I knew what I wanted, but album version or some live version? After looking at about 6 videos and watching every single second of them to check for content, I found one, good but not the best preformance, and not comparable to the album version but my choices were limited.

Metallica Harvester Of Sorrow Live in Moscow '91

This concert also had AC/DC, Pantera, and two other bands, One was The Black Crowes, the other was EST. On a side note, I heard that because of the extreme security at this concert, 18 people died. Good performence though.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Behind the Music...that Sucks: Death Metal

It all started long ago in a year known as 1983, a young 15 year old Bryan Warner, later known better as Marilyn Manson, found that normal metal didn't bother people over 30 anymore. So he decided to make it even louder. But first he needed a band. "It was real easy" Warner later recalled, "all I did was find some outcast middle schoolers, pay for 1 lesson, and that was all I did, it was so easy." All he needed was a vocalist. They soon found one: Cookie Monster. "As soon as I saw that audition tape I knew right away he was perfect." We here at Behind the Music that sucks have managed to find this audition tape, which you can view here: produced by Chad Portwine.

And so, the band Death, was born. Bryan Warner was the main songwriter. "We figured, why not make the most violent lyrics possible? And while we're at it, why not throw in the F-word every 2 or so lines?" Their material was so obscure that no copies can be found today. Nonetheless, they developed a small cult following among disaffected freaks and angry teenagers everywhere. But trouble soon brewed. The rest of The Jim Henson project known as Sesame street were getting disillusioned that Cookie Monster was spending more and more time with his side project, Death. Also, the band soon faced a lawsuit from another band, Death. They happened to spring up around the same time. Unfortunately, Death lost the lawsuit to Death. But, the band was highly influential, Cookie Monster started a style of singing that is still imitated today, and surprisingly, it doesn't require gargling razor blades. His experiences in the band, and being the main songwriter, helped turn Marilyn Manson into the freak he is today, and as for the other 2 guys with no musical talent, no one ever heard of them again. Nonetheless, they opened the door to future bands that no one has ever heard of. Although, we at Behind The Music That Sucks, got a chance to interview Chris Barnes, formerly of Cannibal Corpse. My words are in bold while his is in tiny little stick letters of death.

So tell me, how did Cookie monster inspire you?

I wouldn't be here without Cookie Monster, the day I heard his singing is the day I knew what I wanted to do in life.

What about the Musicians?

That was mind blowing to me, I mean, they all played something completely different, when the drums are doing one thing and the guitars are doing a completely different thing, you know?

Yeah. (picks up guitar, plays some random chords with no rhythm or anything)

That was really good, can I use that?

I didn't do anything

Sure you did. It sounds like something I'd play.

Hey, get that Goat out of here, there will be no sacrifices on my watch.

Aw, Comon.

No, I don't want your Satanic crap in here.

Alright, fine.

What do you think of Christian Death Metal?

That exists?

Yes, it does

Wow, that's surprising.

Can you tell me how do you play drums in Death Metal?

Oh, its easy, all you do is hit the drums as fast as you can, it doesn't matter what you do, theirs really no wrong way. Just slam the cymbals and bass drum alot.

Okay, then play me a blast beat


(He stepped up to the drum set we had and started playing. Until the drumsticks flew out of his hands and went through the glass in the door.)



From there, nothing much happened, all in all it was a pretty awkward interview. Of course, no one can beat the greatest Death Metal band to ever live, Slipknot.