Friday, July 31, 2009

Songs(s) and Videos of the week

So I'm backed up by 3 weeks, another 6 video post. it's getting increasingly hard for me to find music on Youtube that meets all my requirements. Some of it has embedding disabled and I can't use it. Sometimes almost enite artists are off limits to me because their record label (like SonyBMG) has all their videos embedding disabled. Not only that but I try to keep this site family friendly and I do go to great lengths to assure that. I personally watch all of the videos I post. This rules out some live performances, like for example, alot of Metallica performances, seemingly most from the early 90s. Because for some reason James Hetfield felt he had to use the F word for no particular reason. I also go to lengths to assure quality. I try to ensure you see high quality performances, which I usually describe, music videos and songs too. Nontheless, I am finding Youtube songs increasingly hard. I do not plan on discontinuing this weekly feature. So I guess I'm going to have to start looking at some other sites, and start searching for songs earlier.

I have the Among The Living Album, I didn't like it much when I first got it, although I've been listning to it lately and now I realize it's pretty good, heres one of the songs on there I've always liked, in fact, it was one of the songs I bought the album for in the first place.

Anthrax - Indians

How could I have forgeotten this song? It's a classic. I don't know what to classify it but it's a good song.

The Charlie Daniels Band - Still in Saigon

Here's another Charlie Daniels Band song, I don't have the internet speed right now to watch videos, so I'll just put this out, and this is still a good song. I may later change this to a live performance if I can find one.

The Charlie Daniels Band - The South's Gonna Do It Again

Since I can't watch videos due to my slow internet, I have to improvise, I'll take whatever I think of.

Weird Al Yankovic used to have a short lived childrens show, it was canceled because of conflict of interest, weird al's humor was more adult oriented, while the station, (I forget which one) considered it an educational childrens show. I read a story about it and was suprised what got pass the censors. Here's some clips.

Imaginary Friend (Weird Al Show)

Heres one of the fake commericals they did.
Pizza Quick Commerical (Weird Al Show)

I heard cats always landed on their feet, idk, here's a news clip of a cat that fell 80 feet from a tree and lived.

Cat falls 80 feet and lives

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