Thursday, August 28, 2008

People actually think harry potter is satanic.

So, katlyn (sorry if i spelled your name wrong) sent me that comment about snopes. I love snopes and decided to search around there some more, and i found a myth about an article on harry potter being satanic. People believed it, even though it was satire from The Onion. Seriously. Inspired, i decided to Google, harry potter is satanic just to see what i could come up with, guess what! i found a whole site dedicated to exposing satanism everywhere. seriously. and they have a whole section on Harry Potter! seriously! and they re serious! seriously! ok,ok I'm using seriously way too much, seriously. anyway it really does exist.

I'm not lying, these people have too much time on their hands.

They highlight innocent things, they highlighted School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and have that as proof of satanism in harry potter. These people have no lives.

They also have Pokemon and Halloween as examples of satanism.

Examples of satanist or pagan holidays would be:

yule log
Marti gras

They state that Catholicism is a false religion, as well as Jehovah's witnesseses, Muslims, and many more.

They also believe digimon is satanic.

Also, rock music, including punk rock, and heavy metal, is satanic.

Look at what they say about country music 'Country and western musicians do not have lyrics that glorify satan. However most are talking about sex and who is doing who.'


get a life, seriously

look at a link they have that says 'Modern electronic-rock music, inaugurated in the early 1960s, is, and always has been, a joint enterprise of British military intelligence and Satanic cults. On the one side, the Satanists control the major rock groups through drugs, sex, threats of violence, and even murder. On the other side, publicity, tours, and recordings are financed by record companies connected to British military intelligence circles. Both sides are intimately entwined with the biggest business in the world, the international drug trade.'

They believe this guy enough to link him?

Not to mention, they link to audio files of conspiracy nut case Alex Jones, and other ridiculous stuff and they refuse to allow you to download it because of "satanic trash" on the Internet, and you have to have a CD sent to you.

Also, psychics are satanic.

These people are crazy, go there and you'll see, that they have no life and are genuinely touched in the head. Also their serious, go there and see how serious they are later.

Friday, August 22, 2008


So, someone, has wanted me do do a rant on clowns, and, as i promised in my first post, I will. So, clowns. Bill clinton isnt doing much lately, o wait, real clowns. But he is a real clown! no,no. Ronald mcdonald, bozo the clown, and such, yes. Ronald mcdonald has changed alot over the years, if you think hes creepy now, look at this:

the first Mcdonalds commerical ever

Disturbing huh? I think that speaks about clowns for itself.

Just for the LOLz


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Parents who lie about there kids age

One thing that bugs me, is parents that lie about there kids age, to get cheaper prices, its underhanded and wrong. You might be one of them, man your cheap. But, if your one of the maybe 4 or so readers i have, i hope not, since you probably don't have kids yet. Comon, admit it, the only people reading this would be teens with too much time on their hands. (please note that i have no idea how any people actually read this). But anyway, the parents that lie about their kids age, an example, would be the parents that lie about there kids age to get into six flags for cheap. That is cheap. very,very cheap. If you encounter a parent like this, tell them to get over the tragedy that their kid was born 3-22 months earlier than the cut off and has to pay 2 extra dollars. That brings me to another point, parents who argue over whether there kid is an adult or not, one time, i saw this guy arguing with the guy at the counter because his 12 year old son was (gasp!) 12! and he had to pay 5 dollars, the cut off age was 12, anything over 11 was considered an adult, and he was arguing that his 12 year old was not an adult because he wasn't 18 and blah, blah, blah. He got pretty worked up over it. If you meet a person like this, tell them to grow up. That's all i have to say on this topic, later.