Monday, May 31, 2010

Hot Pockets

So once or twice at school they tried to feed us "Pizza pockets" which I think were pizza hot pockets. They suck. It's so fake and plasticy. The cheese is like a mustard! Seriously! This stuff better digest. The disgrace to food and food products caused by these (as Jim Gaffigan calls them) "Dhiarrea pockets" is indeed unbelievable. Mr.Gaffigan was right (although not very funny, as a stand up comedian) when he said the directions should be "Open package, place directly into toilet) and it's true, sometimes you could be burned by this stuff too, because it can cook unevenly. Not to mention the unnessisary crunchiness needed to get to the inner parts. I can totally picture it (Crunch) "Bleh, theres no meat! No Cheese! It's all crunch and no lunch!" (bites more) "Aww, it's barely even warm!" (Bites even more) "Aoowwwwww! Oh crap! It's hot! My tounge!" Bottom line, is that hot pockets are terrible.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The end of the school year

I'm tired of school. You know how the end of the year is supposed to be fun? Well there shoving another big test at us, every one is sick of each other. The tension is in the air. School should be fun. I remember previous years we didnt have some stupid EOC test. It was a fun time of no homework, little classwork and laid back school days. Now we have this. It's sort of ridiculous. This is a bad time to give us a big test.