Monday, September 20, 2010

Bread at school

Yes, I'm back! This blog isn't dead yet, not by a long shot. Tonight I'm going to be ranting on something that really irritates me. The bread at school, in the cafeteria. It's so good! Today I had some garlic toast, and it was positively slammin'. (I wish I could use stronger language to describe it, but the kids, you know.) I mean, the butter and the garlic, freakin sweet! Oh, and the dinner rolls. As if they weren't straight from the wheat fields. What a treat! Those things rule! But those jerks only let me have one! They let you have more entrees if you can pay for it, but not more sides? Why? Wheres the sense in that? If I have the money and you've got the bread, then it's win-win right? See, this is what you get from government bureaucrats, at any level really. Man wants bread, and he can't get more! Whats up with that? You know, since I'm talking about the injustices of the school cafeterias, why don't we talk about the negligence of not having salt and pepper? Back in grade school I'd always wanted salt and pepper, some foods just seem to require it. But they never gave us any! Now I'm in high school, I'm 16, and these people still don't give me any salt or pepper! Do they not trust me with it? If they're so worried about kids unscrewing the tops, then get the kind they have at McDonalds? Those can't be unscrewed. I remember back in grade school taking packets of salt and pepper from fast food places and bringing them to school. I shouldn't have to go out of my way to be provided quality seasoning. Seriously. Whats even worse, I hear they used to have salt and pepper about 3 or 4 years ago. But then they got rid of it! Why? No salt, no pepper, no extra bread! Where's my service? Where's the justice? I'll tell you, in the tasty bread that I'm willing to pay for, that's where! Later.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Microwavable steaks

So who here has ever had a microwavable steak? Show of hands now! Anyone? No, noone? Well consider yourself freakin' lucky, cause there terrible. Look, it's been years since i've had one, but from what I remember, I didn't like it. You know how real steaks are all juicy and tender and taste good? Not these. There's like, no moisture. If I remember right, it tastes kinda chewy and bad. This doesn't just include microwavable steaks that are supposed to be microwaved, but also leftovers. Please, don't microwave it. Well, this was alot shorter than I was expecting, but I guess thats all there is to say about that.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The friend zone

So, I know I haven't written for months, but I'm here and today, I'm gonna be talking about the friend zone...No wait, I mean the ******* friend zone. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the friend zone, it's this thing women use to exclude you as a potential date, forever. That is such bull, you get to know her too well, she'll just consider you a friend and nothing more. Whats up with that? I cannot tell you how many time girls have given me that line, "Oh, your a great guy, it's just..." It's just what honey?! That you just want to be friends? You gots to be kidding me! Take it from me, the friend zone is one of the worst zones in the world, right behind The Demilitarized Zone. The friend zone is not a friendly zone dang it! I'll probably add to this post later, but bottom line is, the friend zone...uh, what I said, not a good place to be.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hot Pockets

So once or twice at school they tried to feed us "Pizza pockets" which I think were pizza hot pockets. They suck. It's so fake and plasticy. The cheese is like a mustard! Seriously! This stuff better digest. The disgrace to food and food products caused by these (as Jim Gaffigan calls them) "Dhiarrea pockets" is indeed unbelievable. Mr.Gaffigan was right (although not very funny, as a stand up comedian) when he said the directions should be "Open package, place directly into toilet) and it's true, sometimes you could be burned by this stuff too, because it can cook unevenly. Not to mention the unnessisary crunchiness needed to get to the inner parts. I can totally picture it (Crunch) "Bleh, theres no meat! No Cheese! It's all crunch and no lunch!" (bites more) "Aww, it's barely even warm!" (Bites even more) "Aoowwwwww! Oh crap! It's hot! My tounge!" Bottom line, is that hot pockets are terrible.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The end of the school year

I'm tired of school. You know how the end of the year is supposed to be fun? Well there shoving another big test at us, every one is sick of each other. The tension is in the air. School should be fun. I remember previous years we didnt have some stupid EOC test. It was a fun time of no homework, little classwork and laid back school days. Now we have this. It's sort of ridiculous. This is a bad time to give us a big test.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Desks at school

Whats up with desks at school? The chair and the desk part are all connected. Whats with that? When I want to put my head down by scooting my chair back I can't. Thats stupid. When I'm constrained by a cheap peice of iron or whatever that breaks easy. Wont let a man scoot his chair out. What the heck? It's like, i'm hunched in this little space, it's gonna give me back problems. Okay, maybe i'd get those if I scoot my chair out and hunch over, but it doesn't help probably. One thing that I also don't like, is if theres no tray to put my feet in, or it's too high to put my feet in, that ain't right! Bottom line is, the desks we use suck, they break easy-ish, their too confining, and some of them don't have a tray to put my feet in. But enough of my summarizing, that isn't ranting material. But remember, cheap crappy "desks" that are just plywood attatched to a plastic chair cause bad things to comfort!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So i've just found this band from Iraq, these guys have taken 10 years just to put out an EP, they've faced death threats, bombings, and general persecution. They couldn't even wear t shirts of American bands because they might have gotten killed. So I figure that they have alot of passion to play music while facing all that. Therefore they deserve promotion. They rock pretty hard too.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bad endings that ruin movies

So whats up with bad ending that ruin otherwise good movies? It's like, it's all good, but then it ends and the ending is stupid. Seriously? You know what? I'm not just going to rant on bad movie endings, but movies that start off good and turn bad. An example would be The Knowing with Nicolas Cage, it starts off really good and all like a good thriller, and then halfway through the movie it completely changes the mood into some weird sci-fi stuff. Whats up with that? The ending is stupid too. The kid goes to live with aliens or whatever? What? What is this? You have a perfectly good plot and movie in the first half. Then you have to turn around and start sucking? Why? The writers try to hard or overanylize or whatever and turn good ideas into bad projects. Why couldn't you just stick with the first half? Why'd you have to go all weird on me? Why? Because the writers lack so much confidence in there ability to write good stories that they throw them away for stupid sci fi and plots that make no sense. Or they have a stupid ending that makes you go "What the heck was that?". Like when movies build up and up and you think at the end something big is going to happen and it doesn't, and it's a let down and pretty much ruin the movie. Seriously. Well, I can't think much, so i'm gonna stop. Later

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enough album reviews

You people don't want to read my album reviews, you want my rants, thats why I created this blog in the first place, no more album reviews for now.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Album Review: Beneath The Remains by Sepultura

So I've had this album for a while, since before Christmas, and this is easily one of my favorite albums now. It's a classic. Now if you have no idea who i'm talking about, Sepultura is a Brazillian band who pretty much sucks now so i've heard. But there earlier stuff, genius, but then they traded it for selling out on the groove metal bandwagon and started sucking. This here, however, is a classic in thrash metal in everyway. Now, this album (and its follow up, Arise which i will also be reviewing) is debated as to wheater it's thrash or death metal. I say thrash metal, the music is definitly thrash metal. The vocals are why it's debated. They aren't the cookie monster vocals most people associate with death metal, nor are they the, well, I'm not sure how to describe it, low to mid ranged scream of early death metal that was used by bands such as Death. No, these are more of a grunt. Although they can get somewhat gutteral at times, such as on parts of "Stronger Than Hate". But I consider this thrash metal. Really agressive thrash metal, but still. Sort of like Slayer, but better. Although it does let up at times more, and this helps it. This stuff sounds genuinely angry and they have a reason to be, living under a dictatorship and all. Unlike say, Rage Aginst The Machine, where they're all from the mean streets of the suburbs. But one thing I want to mention is the drumming, Igor Cavalera, is in my opinion, one of the best drummers out there, he's spot on, interesting, and it all flows really well. He plays at these speeds for like 5 minutes at a time. He's quite good. But anyway, do you want brutality? Melody? Really good solos? Head-bangy rffs? There all here. I'm not going to go on about the songs, but the first 6 songs, and the last one, are great, the 7th I haven't listened too in a long time and the 8th is totally filler, but that doesn't detract from the album at all. How can you not like the lightning fast guitar and the "Who, who who, has won?! Who, who, who, has died?!" chorus in the title track? "Inner self" is the slowest song here, thats not saying much, it's still fast-ish, like a fast mid tempo I suppose, or a slow fast song, but it kicks. You know when you hear that chugging guitar riff, then the drums with these cool sounding drum rolls, and then double bass, that it's going to rock. Then when it speeds up just over halfway through the song, that part makes the song! Seriously, listen to the energy behind it. Speaking of that, the guitar tone on this album is great, it sounds like a real guitar, it's not super detuned, and it's raw and full of energy. Then we have "Stronger Than Hate" it's agressive, and it's got a super chorus with a whole bunch of guest vocalists, like Kelly Shaefer and John Tardy among others. Of course if your the average reader of my blog you probably have no idea who these people are. In fact, I applaud you for reading this far into my rambling reviews of metal albums that the average music fan has never heard of, of course that is if you do read this, seriously, I have no idea why I write these or if anyone reads them. But back to the review, theres a really awesome headbang inducing part at the end of "Stronger than Hate" which is suddenly interrupted by...clean guitar? I'm rocking out like an idiot the first time I heard this and then all of a sudden I get this crap. Whats up with that? Are they going soft? What is this? I'm just kidding, I like it. There's actually clean guitar sprinkled throughout this album. Like in "Mass Hypnosis" where the solo pretty much makes that song. Another thing about this, is that I can't understand half the words being sung. Maybe i'm exagerating a little bit, but it's just that his accent is so thick. It's not his singing or anything like that, it's just his accent is so heavy, it's obvious english isn't his first language. I mean in the chorus of "Mass hypnosis I thought he was singing something in spanish, then I looked up the lyrics and realized he was singing "Hate through the artieries" now it's clear to me but at the time it wasn't. The last real song on here though "Primitive future" is so energetic it isn't even funny. But I also have some bonus tracks that i'm not going to count towards the score because they aren't really part of the album anyway. Only 1 of the 3 bonus tracks is a song. That would be "A Hora e a Vez do Cabelo Nascer" Yeah, really. It's some brazillian hardcore punk song or something they convered, I can't really say much because i've never heard the origional, but on it's own merits, I can say that it's not a bad song. Bottom line is, this album is all I listned too for a while, go out and get it now, get the CD, download it off Itunes (I did), I don't care, just listen to this album. 10 out of 10.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I know that I haven't updated this blog in months, I haven't forgot about it, and I'm not abandoning it, although I will get new material here eventually. But I have not forgotten about this.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Coming soon: an updated version of "Music today is terrible"

So I've decided that as my music tastes have expanded, and deepened and such since I wrote the original "Music today is terrible" post, I'm going to write an updated version. So look for that in the future.