Monday, September 20, 2010

Bread at school

Yes, I'm back! This blog isn't dead yet, not by a long shot. Tonight I'm going to be ranting on something that really irritates me. The bread at school, in the cafeteria. It's so good! Today I had some garlic toast, and it was positively slammin'. (I wish I could use stronger language to describe it, but the kids, you know.) I mean, the butter and the garlic, freakin sweet! Oh, and the dinner rolls. As if they weren't straight from the wheat fields. What a treat! Those things rule! But those jerks only let me have one! They let you have more entrees if you can pay for it, but not more sides? Why? Wheres the sense in that? If I have the money and you've got the bread, then it's win-win right? See, this is what you get from government bureaucrats, at any level really. Man wants bread, and he can't get more! Whats up with that? You know, since I'm talking about the injustices of the school cafeterias, why don't we talk about the negligence of not having salt and pepper? Back in grade school I'd always wanted salt and pepper, some foods just seem to require it. But they never gave us any! Now I'm in high school, I'm 16, and these people still don't give me any salt or pepper! Do they not trust me with it? If they're so worried about kids unscrewing the tops, then get the kind they have at McDonalds? Those can't be unscrewed. I remember back in grade school taking packets of salt and pepper from fast food places and bringing them to school. I shouldn't have to go out of my way to be provided quality seasoning. Seriously. Whats even worse, I hear they used to have salt and pepper about 3 or 4 years ago. But then they got rid of it! Why? No salt, no pepper, no extra bread! Where's my service? Where's the justice? I'll tell you, in the tasty bread that I'm willing to pay for, that's where! Later.

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