Saturday, October 17, 2009

An interview with the creator of Daily Ramblings

So today I got a chance to sit down with the creator of this blog and ask him a few questions.

So what is the main goal here at Daily Ramblings?

Global domination of the blogosphere of course.

When did you decide to create Daily Ramblings?

Well, I've always had alot to say about everything, I figured why not share it with the world?

Do you have plans for expanding?

Well I had intended to give Daily Ramblings a proper website that shows up on Google and doesn't have the whole .blogspot thing, but that didn't happen, I might in the future, but moving this would be some work I think.

So do you have any plans for future rants?

Of course, I always have some in my head, I'm thinking of having you write about bottled water.

Why is that?

Well there stupid! Why should you pay dollars for a few ounces of water when you can get the same water for cents!?

I totally agree boss.

Yeah, and it's not like it's cleaner or anything, you know what? I think bottled water is a conspiracy by the aqua industrial complex.

The aqua industrial complex?

(quickly) Yeah, there everywhere man, there like in breakfast cereals man!

I see, you know, I think I'm an aquaholic.

No kidding? Me too!

Well we seem to hold similar opinions on everything do we not?

Yeah we do.

So what do you think of the new Dethklok album?

I think it sucks.

Really? I think it was pretty good.

But their all, look at us, we're half American half Scandinavian.

But it wasn't all that bad.

It sucked!


I still think it sucks!

Alright whatever, lets just agree to disagree. So do you have anything else to say to the devoted fans we have?

Yes, leave comments, it makes us appear more popular, which is part of marketing, which will help us gain global domination of the blogosphere.

Well said. But I suppose you have much important business to do, so I'm gonna have to say bye.

Yes, very much so. Good bye