Friday, July 18, 2008

Theyre remaking Red Dawn

SO, MGM has decided to remake one of my favorite movies, Red Dawn. Sure the special effects wern't much, even in the 80s, the acting was wasn't great at times and it was somewhat campy, but the concept and story line is great. In case you've never seen it, its about Russia invading America. When they capture a small town, some high school kids flee and decide to fight back, they do, however eventually attrition takes its toll and the survivors have to flee to the free part of America. but in the end America wins. This movie launched the acting careers of Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, and Powers Boothe. Also it was the first PG-13 movie ever and for a short time was the most violent movie ever made, but its relatively tame by today's standards.

Ive always said they should remake this movie, but I'm somewhat scared as to what they'll do with it. I'm afraid they will butcher it like they did with that Tom Clancy adaptation by making the enemy some rich "right-wing" Nazis. I hope they don't. The screenwriter has said this however: "The tone is going to be very intense, very much keeping in mind the post-9/11 world that we're in. As Red Dawn scared the heck out of people in 1984, we feel that the world is kind of already filled with a lot of paranoia and unease, so why not scare the hell out of people again?" The problem is, if its not Nazi terrorists, and you put Muslim terrorists in there, you'll anger the Muslims, not that i mind that, but they, being the PC (politically correct) thugs they are cant have that. Even if they were terrorists, however, it wouldn't make much sense, terrorists do not try to hold ground and do not engage in conventional wars, so I'm not sure how that would work. Keeping the red in Red Dawn, they could have china as the enemy, or they can just have Russia in their again, they still hate us. Or they can just keep the original time period and retell the story with out changing much. I just don't want the enemy to be rich white Nazi billionaires. On a similar topic, id really like to see a film adaptation of the computer game World in Conflict. But anyway that's my biggest fear. But it was a movie with some memorable scenes such as these:

one of the most memorable scenes

another memorable scene

The trailer for the movie, however the McDonald's scene never made it in

You can really see the cheapness in the trailer, still a good movie.

That's all i have to say on this, also the movie is occasionally on TV, try and look for it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've probably mentioned this before, but i figured id go into more detail about something i cant stand. Disney in general, produces terrible, tv, music and movies. They have no original ideas, everything is a sequel, based on a movie, or shows about teens that live in harmony with plots that are random, boring and stupid. That also brings me to another point. All of the stuff they show, has characters 5 years older then their target audience. These 11 year old teenyboppers probably believe that's how high school really is, and its defiantly NOT! I honestly think Disney is a front to revive boy bands, and Britney spears-type pop music so they can milk it for all its worth. Really, i have cousins who are into this stuff and it sickens me. They've gotten so much money they don't even run commercials for anything, only advertising their own shows and products, therefore making more money out of a cycle. Also, they use the same actors and actresses for everything, every single show. Going back to a point, many shows are about high school but all it is, is characters that are the most stereotypical suburban kids ever, u got preps and bullies and maybe the occasional nerd but that's it. They always take on some bully or some relationship issue and then everythings back to normal and perfect with a happy ending, in every single plot. It does not represent a real high school at all. I find it sad in a few years, the kids that have grown up with this stuff, most of the first wave coming from the kids that are now going into 6th grade, will be in High school, maybe even middle school will shock them, seriously. Lets look at some stuff i found on the Internet, and no, i did not come up with these and that fact fills me with deep,deep shame.

12 year old: OMG!!!! I can't wait for high school now that I've just watched High School Musical!!!! There won't be any labels, all the cliques and crowds will live in harmony, I can share my secrets and no one will humiliate me, it will be just like a happy fairy tale.

(Not real, made up by someone on the internet, but illistrates my point perfectly)

That is what im talking about right there. o wait, there was only one, o well, the point is that the people that write this stuff must not remember high school at all.

Not to mention, the people in these "movies" and "shows" or what ever excuse for them is, are terrible role models, im sure you have all heard of the latest screw ups of miley cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens and if you don't know what I'm referring to then get out from under your rock and Google it. I really have the suspicion that Disney at least partially creates or encourages these "scandals" , wait a minute, i cant belive i wrote that word since it sounds so stupid, doesn't it? i feel like I'm writing for the national enquirer or something. but anyway Disney creates or promotes these and uses the carefully crafted attention for more publicity. how do i know this? They never fire anyone or publicly denounce them, some networks would, not Disney,no, they thrive on the behavior of the new Paris Hilton's, all part of the 90s pop revival, tied into Hannah Montana and similar shows. I'm not blaming this entirely on the people,I'm mean, look at babe Ruth, kids looked up to him, but he was both an alcoholic and an adulterer but it wasn't sensationalized like it is today, i mostly blame disney and to a much lesser extent, the media in general.

well, im out of ideas, probly because i dont write my rants at one time, i ussually spend hours writing in little chunks, leaving and then coming back, but in summary:

Disney is a front for the 90s pop revival

All shows are tie ins, high school musical 4? there was even a show based on the little mermaid and lilo and stich.

Bad actors

the same actors

terrible music

an evil corperation trying to take over the world

dont watch disney


im done here, and as always please post comments cause i like that people read my rants and i also like opening my email inbox, i did this rant because i...nevermind i actually spent 5 minutes thinking what to say but i got nothing,later

Saturday, July 12, 2008

some random questions you are probly thinking but were too scared to ask.

before i start, let me ask a question, Why are you too scared to ask? you coward.

Q. Why are you so negative in most of your rants?

A. its funner, and its easier to pull out of my head, and why would i spend time talking about how much i like something? that's not as fun.

Q. How many people if any actually read this?

A. i have no idea, at least 2 or maybe 3, but i don't have a counter, sad isn't it?

Q. God, your opinionated.

A. i am, accept it. But thank you, you admitted i think about things no matter how trivial.

Q. Do you have a life at all? i mean seriously.

A. Yes i do, cause u know i spend 24 hours on this blog, even when their hasn't been new material in a long time.

Q. why does this blog even exist?

A. It was intended to be for serious topics as you can see in my "so you've decided to come here" post that i did as soon as i made this, but that never happened.

Q. YOU PROMISED A NEW RANT EVERY DAY YOU CHEATING, LYING (insert insult of your choice here, may or may not include the word little in front of it.)

A. I know i promised that but it never worked out, u know?

Q. wow, their arnt many comments, no one must read this.

A. Well then you haven't been sending me comments *Coughkatlyncough* that also includes everyone else that reads this, and in case you haven't figured it out, you don't need an account to comment, you can post anonymously.

Q. Why did you decide to do this segment?

A. I didn't feel like doing a regular rant.

Q. Why do you bash Disney so much? its marketed at 11 year olds.

A. because, their not good, their packaged, manufactured. also their not good role models and i think its disrespectful to actual musicians who actually have to work their way from the bottom and actually play half way decent music. not to mention they make kids think this is good music. and if you think im harsh on hannah montanna, wait until i get to The Naked Brothers Band, and yes, that actually exists.

i hope this has answered your cowardly mind, now please always send comments, always, and yes this one too.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

pop music

Now heres a rant ive been wantig to do forever but have been putting off. I absolutly dispise pop music, and no, i dont mean "popular music" i mean the genre of pop. Its the worst music in existance. Heres why.

First of all, its annoying, mainly because its melody driven and relies on catchy hooks entirely, and they put so many in there it gets annoying.

Second, they dont play their own instruments or write their own songs. Let me explain.


step 1. Get a computer that can go beep or a computer that can make drum sounds and mix them to do things humans cant.

step 2. get a "professional" song writer to slap together some really generic lyrics and adds tons of hooks. Also the topic must be love or something related about love and can not be political or about religion in any way because we dont want to offend anyone, you know?

Step 3. now relase one single and 9 songs that are just filler.

Step 4. pay top 40 stations to play that song every 10 minutes for as long as possible so ignorant people will buy ur album, but just to be safe buy 1,000,000 of your own album just in case.

Step 5. repeat

see? If i hear "bleeding love" one more time, im going to shoot my radio, seriosuly, they have that and about 20 songs in rotation and thats it, along with 2 other songs that are played every 10 minutes also. and when u actually listen to those songs instead of hearing it as background music, u relize how annoying they truely are. another thing, please play real instruemnts. Now without mentioning the words Michael Jackson or Madonna, name a "classic" pop song. and no, justin timberlake does not count.

will update this i promise but i was short on time, or i waited hours in between typings and had to go to bed.