Saturday, November 29, 2008

Video & song of the week

Now this is funny, these kids are going to be in so much trouble.

Fireworks in Cupboard (title to new video is firework accident.)

This was a one time thing by some people from different bands to do Pink Floyd's Brick in The Wall. I only know of 2 of them, one is Layne Staley of Alice in Chains (one of my favorite bands), who's singing is slurred in this because heroin addiction was causing him to start losing teeth and general sickness, it eventually killed him, its also why they recycled earlier footage. Another is Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. I like this version. and the title is inaccurate, its by Class of 99 and there are 3 other guys from other bands that I'm not familiar with.

Alice in chains and R.A.T.M - another brick in the wall p.II

Friday, November 28, 2008

Gift Cards

So, since holiday shopping season has just started for most people, i thought id tackle something so utterly unnecessary its not even funny, its not funny because it costs you money. Gift cards are almost useless, you can only turn them in at the store it was bought from. It costs the same amount of money, why not just give them money? Its much more flexable, gift cards are nothing but corporate shills. You have to spend that money at their store and if it expires your screwed, and they get free money. Then it wont even be worth the cheap chinese plastic its made from. Dont buy gift cards, just give them money, its a much better gift becasue its redemmable anywhere. Thats all I have on giftcards. Later.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Naked Brothers Band

Ive been promising this since the beginning, and now i will write about something even worse than Hannah Montana, worse than HSM, worse than the Jonas Brothers. Not only is their music bad, but their TV show is too. I watched 5 minutes, the camera work is terrible, their music sucks and the whole premise is ridiculous. Now hold on, yes it may be marketed to 11 year olds, but it makes them think this is good music and TV. Its not. Surprisingly, this isn't a Disney creation, no, its Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is a mere shell of its former self. I saw that station transform before my eyes into utter crap. You can argue that I'm biased towards the shows I grew up with. I don't buy that. Older Ren and Stimpy was good. All That back when it was intelligent and before they replaced all the cast with pre teens and it became so unintelligent. And Kenan and Kel. The good burger movie is a classic in my mind. Heres something i still remember from it.

Anyway, Nickelodeon is terrible now, they even tried doing a rip off of Japanese cartoons. This however, is so unbelievably bad. These kids arnt even professional actors, their mom was in some 80s sitcom and knew the right people. The acting is bad, the music is worse, the jokes are terrible and its just crappy in general. The singer is 12, the bass player is like 15 or 16. Somethings wrong here, in the show the singer is always trying to go out with her. Why even try? shes like 3 or 4 years older than you, you re not even or barely out of elementary school and shes in high school, whats up with that? Another thing, who has a Cello in a band? Also, stop trying to pass yourself off as a rock band, your not, your a pop band that was created to make money. In Live performances its obvious they don't play their own instruments. Watch this video and you'll see what i mean, look in the background, standing off to the side, are adults playing everything, they don't even try to fake playing, at least very well. The only person who seems to be actually playing is the bass player,and if she isn't, she fakes playing bass guitar really well, notice how she actually looks at the guitar neck, and finger picks the strings in rhythm with whats actually being played. Unlike the others, who strum like idiots and don't play a note.

Now, for both yours and my own amusement, I'm going to do a fake interview with the lead singer, Nat Wolff, and pretend to give him a hard time, just for laughs.

Me: So i noticed that on the today show you said that you go to an "actual real school."

Nat: Yea, we do.

Me: Well, you must because your grammar is atrocious.

Nat: well...

Me: To be honest, to me, your music sounds like a cross between Maroon 5 and a really bad Beatles rip-off.

Nat: Well, the Beatles is my favorite band. (it really is, so he says)

Me: Well I admit you've chosen a pretty good model, if you played decently and wrote decent lyrics, I mean seriously, that song you've got, "Banana Smoothie" is messed up.

Nat: Maybe

Me: Maybe yes.

Nat: Comon, don't you think Rosalina is hot?

Me: No, I thought that was just a thing in the show, maybe you should use people real names too.

Nat: sorry, but comon, don't you?

Me: Not really, and who came up with that anyway? Shes like my age and your what 12? Why try?

Nat: Umm...

Me: Well, were out of time, I'm gonna go edit this to make you look crazy, just like on every reality TV show, by the way, very insightful(snickers).

Nat: Thanks, i guess.

Me: goodbye.

So there you have it, my opinion on the Naked Brothers band. and yea, its a stupid name.


DVD cases

In an effort to get back to the original spirit of this little page i have, I'm going to start doing more rants again. One thing that really gets me, is those security stickers on DVD and video game cases. You know what I'm talking about? Its a pain to get off, and its on all 3 sides! Is that really necessary? That security tape is really going to stop someone from stealing it from Amazon.Com's warehouse. Even if its in a box set, its on all 4 or 5 videos! On top of that, theirs another thing on the box! Why??!! But not only DVD cases, most toys have wires and Styrofoam and all this other crap. Its ridiculous, getting ridiculous packaging off is a pain. (Those monsters! How dare they try to keep their product from being stolen!) That's probably what Brad would say, but do you really need it on things that are being sold online?? Obnoxious packaging is a waste of money as well as time, patience, and your life, because I'm writing about it, and you just read that whole thing. Later.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Video and song of the week

Heres some southern rock song from 1979, it rules. This video is just some clip of a train, but its the song that counts.

(its actually called Train, Train)

This guy is one of my favorite comedians, he is hilarious, and this is one of his best acts.
Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist

So once again...

Rachael wants me to write something else about her, I said yes because her lockers next to mine and she will ask over and over again until I do. I dont know much about Rachael, so im just going to write alot of filler, mostly because its 11:23 PM and I cant think clearly. But i promised her id write this by today, and its not officially sunday yet, ha-ha. But I do know that usually shes the only person next to my locker scince Wade dosent show up for school half the time. I also know she was in my advisory class last year. Speaking of advisory, we dont seem to be allowed on the comoputers anymore, scince it seems they want us to do actual work which we rarely have. That class sucks now. O, yea, shes in my advisory this year now that i remember it. Well, thats all I can think now. Later.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I see now that my videos dont work at school, dang youtube block, but if you want to see the hilarious things ive posted, than go to Google videos and copy and paste the title.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Video and Song of the Week

Video of the Week
Here is a video i find hilarious. I use this as my portal to youtube, really. Hes hilarious, going to drive thrus. This isnt one of those rap videos, this guy is actually kinda creative in his comedy. Very funny.

Drive Thru 5

Funniest drive thru video ever.

Song of the Week

I figured, why not mix it up a bit? So for today, i have a country song. I dont like modern country, but thats a topic for another day. But i have no problem with older country. So heres this:

David Allen Coe-The Ride

BTW, i like the album version better but this is good.

Later in his carrer, DAC did some stuff with the instrumentlists of Pantera, which rules, or at least, what ive heard of it. I'll probably post a song eventually. Just thought that was worth mentioning.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Buy The Whole Album!

It seems everyone in my house except me, goes on I-Tunes or whatever and buys single songs. This bugs me alot. I only buy whole albums, i figure, if its only worth one song than why buy it at all? If you want that song on the radio then wait for a greatest hits album, seriously. I myself have 16 albums that i listen too. (8 of them are ac/dc albums) I have more, but alot of it is useless stuff. Such as Daughtrys generic radio ready debut album, and Creeds greatest hits, (o god). So yes, i have heard a creed song in my life, I don't like them, at all! and if that's the best they can do, then I don't want an album. Anyway, I buy whole albums, most in CD form, I have 3 I Downloaded off Rhapsody yes, but I downloaded the whole album. Buying single songs makes no sense to me, call me old fashioned I guess, I just think that you should buy the whole album, and not just some song you heard off the radio, the purpose of singles is to get you to buy the album, stop abusing the promotional system, seriously. Next time, I'm talking about something that is far worse than buying single songs...Illegally obtaining music.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Features

To compete with my online competitors, whoever they may be, by popular request, well maybe only 1, I'm adding 2 new features. Video of the week, in which I post whatever videos i find funny or interesting. Another is song of the week, this will be mostly music videos but possibly be live performances of whatever music i find interesting in the least bit, both new and old, chances are you wont see any pop music, guaranteed. Mostly I'm doing this because people tell me after school hours are boring and playing games on the Internet is getting old. So, ill start today.

Video of the Week
If you watch this 100 times you will still laugh

Its 4 seconds long and hilarious because someone gets hit in the face by a ricocheting soccer ball, just like Americas funniest home videos.

Song of the Week
Hard to choose i thought, so why not start with AC/DC?

It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)