Friday, November 28, 2008

Gift Cards

So, since holiday shopping season has just started for most people, i thought id tackle something so utterly unnecessary its not even funny, its not funny because it costs you money. Gift cards are almost useless, you can only turn them in at the store it was bought from. It costs the same amount of money, why not just give them money? Its much more flexable, gift cards are nothing but corporate shills. You have to spend that money at their store and if it expires your screwed, and they get free money. Then it wont even be worth the cheap chinese plastic its made from. Dont buy gift cards, just give them money, its a much better gift becasue its redemmable anywhere. Thats all I have on giftcards. Later.


Anonymous said...

That's a really good point that i have never thought of. Why not just give money?? iTunes gift cards do make sense though...
oh so sincerely,

Anonymous said...

What i doent like about gift cards is they only last so long but with real money it doesnt expire. please tell me what u think about what i said.