Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Buy The Whole Album!

It seems everyone in my house except me, goes on I-Tunes or whatever and buys single songs. This bugs me alot. I only buy whole albums, i figure, if its only worth one song than why buy it at all? If you want that song on the radio then wait for a greatest hits album, seriously. I myself have 16 albums that i listen too. (8 of them are ac/dc albums) I have more, but alot of it is useless stuff. Such as Daughtrys generic radio ready debut album, and Creeds greatest hits, (o god). So yes, i have heard a creed song in my life, I don't like them, at all! and if that's the best they can do, then I don't want an album. Anyway, I buy whole albums, most in CD form, I have 3 I Downloaded off Rhapsody yes, but I downloaded the whole album. Buying single songs makes no sense to me, call me old fashioned I guess, I just think that you should buy the whole album, and not just some song you heard off the radio, the purpose of singles is to get you to buy the album, stop abusing the promotional system, seriously. Next time, I'm talking about something that is far worse than buying single songs...Illegally obtaining music.


Anonymous said...

you can never have too many ac/dc albums. Do you have the new one or is it not out yet???
I like buying single songs, cause it saves money, ya know? I just got done buying 6 single songs off of iTUnes last night!
Anyways, This is me, finally looking at your blog again.
No I have not the the videos and songs yet because this computer is SSSLLLOOOWWW.

Jacob said...

Ok, Katelyn, you keep Creed, and I'll keep System of A Down! and yes, i do have the new one, didnt feel like posting a review