Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DVD cases

In an effort to get back to the original spirit of this little page i have, I'm going to start doing more rants again. One thing that really gets me, is those security stickers on DVD and video game cases. You know what I'm talking about? Its a pain to get off, and its on all 3 sides! Is that really necessary? That security tape is really going to stop someone from stealing it from Amazon.Com's warehouse. Even if its in a box set, its on all 4 or 5 videos! On top of that, theirs another thing on the box! Why??!! But not only DVD cases, most toys have wires and Styrofoam and all this other crap. Its ridiculous, getting ridiculous packaging off is a pain. (Those monsters! How dare they try to keep their product from being stolen!) That's probably what Brad would say, but do you really need it on things that are being sold online?? Obnoxious packaging is a waste of money as well as time, patience, and your life, because I'm writing about it, and you just read that whole thing. Later.

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Anonymous said...

um... wow. I only understood about 1/2 of that but the other half i completely agree with.
Oh so sinncerely,
Me :P