Saturday, November 22, 2008

So once again...

Rachael wants me to write something else about her, I said yes because her lockers next to mine and she will ask over and over again until I do. I dont know much about Rachael, so im just going to write alot of filler, mostly because its 11:23 PM and I cant think clearly. But i promised her id write this by today, and its not officially sunday yet, ha-ha. But I do know that usually shes the only person next to my locker scince Wade dosent show up for school half the time. I also know she was in my advisory class last year. Speaking of advisory, we dont seem to be allowed on the comoputers anymore, scince it seems they want us to do actual work which we rarely have. That class sucks now. O, yea, shes in my advisory this year now that i remember it. Well, thats all I can think now. Later.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. That WAS just filler! Other things about Rachael:
She's awesome
Her and Abbie are going to kill me if i don't wear hair down soon... (does that still make her awesome?)
She's in your brother's gym class
and she's sexy (lol)
Oh so sincerely,
Me *<:o)