Saturday, November 15, 2008

Video and Song of the Week

Video of the Week
Here is a video i find hilarious. I use this as my portal to youtube, really. Hes hilarious, going to drive thrus. This isnt one of those rap videos, this guy is actually kinda creative in his comedy. Very funny.

Drive Thru 5

Funniest drive thru video ever.

Song of the Week

I figured, why not mix it up a bit? So for today, i have a country song. I dont like modern country, but thats a topic for another day. But i have no problem with older country. So heres this:

David Allen Coe-The Ride

BTW, i like the album version better but this is good.

Later in his carrer, DAC did some stuff with the instrumentlists of Pantera, which rules, or at least, what ive heard of it. I'll probably post a song eventually. Just thought that was worth mentioning.

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