Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here is my rant on NASCAR

NASCAR is the most boring televised sport ever, seriously, who wants to watch cars going around in circles going (insert car sounds here)? thats all they do. Who watches this? hillbilly's?
"Hey Billy-Bob! Whut lap is it?!" "uh i think 295!" also imagine a typical hillbilly/redneck accent while picturing that. In NASCAR all you do is go around in circles, thats it. It's so boring. You know what? Just stop watching NASCAR. Go out to your front yard or your back yard and pick up the beer cans you probably have sprawled all over the place or go clean your truck which probably has dirt all over it or go water your plants which are probably planted in used tires. So switch your homemade hillbilly TV to anything else, it doesn't mater, i mean curling is more exciting than NASCAR, u know that Canadian sport? but be careful because it might give you a really bad shock. Honestly i'd rather watch paint dry than watch NASCAR. Also if you're a NASCAR fan that's not a hillbilly please watch baseball or football (please note i mean American football NOT soccer.)
So go ahead hillbillies, sick your attack deer on me, I'll be waiting

Thursday, May 22, 2008

pens at the post office

OK. heres my rant on pens at the post office.

pens at the post office are a pain. theres only 1. but your bank gives them out for free! Also there's ALWAYS a line and when you finally get to the front of the line it's ALWAYS out of ink!
Also, its chained to the desk like someones going to steal it, seriously, and theirs always the sarcastic, rude postal workers who are so rude everytime you come because they are in a government job where pay is gaurrenteed and they dont have coustomers to worry about.
So go to your bank get some free pens, go to the post office and go "here! take them!"

That is my somehat short rant about pens at the post office.

Monday, May 19, 2008

High School Musical and Hannah Montanna

So, today i'm going to talk about high school musical and Hannah Montana. Now, HSM (High school musical) is ridiculous. It is not an accurate representation of a high school. This is probably disney's last ditch attempt to appeal to the teen market and unfortunately it worked, 13 year olds like this! I have a theory that one of the reasons 11 year olds watch this is because it makes them feel mature. 'oh, look! now i can be like a teenager like those people in HSM!' No, you can't. Now you or your parents probably had Grease, now i've never seen Grease but i'm sure it's much better then HSM. Grease is probably a knock-off of HSM, as in Grease is probably a major influence but HSM doesn't do Grease justice. Also, i forgot to mention, kids don't spontaneously burst into songs.

Now let me talk about Hannah Montana, which is equally ridiculous. First off, I don't think anyone would care who Miley Cyrus is if it wasn't for her father. Also, she can't act, period, sing maybe, but not act. and you have girls obsessed over this, which is ridiculous, claiming to have her email, claiming to have met her, its just ridiculous.

please post comments and keep coming back for more rants.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

So youve decided to come here

since im just starting, i'd like to tell you what i write about here, I'll write about anything that's on my mind, on any topic, some trivial, some serious. I have tons of things in my head so i'll never run out of things to talk about, but to help me with ideas, id like everyone to post their ideas on what you'd like to see discussed, so fire away. I'll update this when ever i feel like it, which should be often. So keep coming back for the latest topics straight from my head! and some of yours also.