Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here is my rant on NASCAR

NASCAR is the most boring televised sport ever, seriously, who wants to watch cars going around in circles going (insert car sounds here)? thats all they do. Who watches this? hillbilly's?
"Hey Billy-Bob! Whut lap is it?!" "uh i think 295!" also imagine a typical hillbilly/redneck accent while picturing that. In NASCAR all you do is go around in circles, thats it. It's so boring. You know what? Just stop watching NASCAR. Go out to your front yard or your back yard and pick up the beer cans you probably have sprawled all over the place or go clean your truck which probably has dirt all over it or go water your plants which are probably planted in used tires. So switch your homemade hillbilly TV to anything else, it doesn't mater, i mean curling is more exciting than NASCAR, u know that Canadian sport? but be careful because it might give you a really bad shock. Honestly i'd rather watch paint dry than watch NASCAR. Also if you're a NASCAR fan that's not a hillbilly please watch baseball or football (please note i mean American football NOT soccer.)
So go ahead hillbillies, sick your attack deer on me, I'll be waiting


Anonymous said...

This one is really funny Jacob but i dont really agree with you on it. Partly because half the people i know are hillbillies and partly because NASCAR is not that bad.

Anonymous said...

Curling? Anyways, this was hilarious!!!! ( i finally got around to looking at it, so you can finally stop asking me every 5 minutes when you see me) :)

Anonymous said...

hey jacob,
i LOVE nascar...especialy jeff gordon...he rocks...your lucky that i dont show this to my dad...he LOVES jeff gordon too...soo...i dont agree with you nascar is awesome...why dont you go do all those things that you said were more exciting than nascar and see if you change your mind...sooo...yeah...that is what i have to say...bye c u at school and on