Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Desks at school

Whats up with desks at school? The chair and the desk part are all connected. Whats with that? When I want to put my head down by scooting my chair back I can't. Thats stupid. When I'm constrained by a cheap peice of iron or whatever that breaks easy. Wont let a man scoot his chair out. What the heck? It's like, i'm hunched in this little space, it's gonna give me back problems. Okay, maybe i'd get those if I scoot my chair out and hunch over, but it doesn't help probably. One thing that I also don't like, is if theres no tray to put my feet in, or it's too high to put my feet in, that ain't right! Bottom line is, the desks we use suck, they break easy-ish, their too confining, and some of them don't have a tray to put my feet in. But enough of my summarizing, that isn't ranting material. But remember, cheap crappy "desks" that are just plywood attatched to a plastic chair cause bad things to comfort!