Saturday, January 29, 2011

B-A-C-K that spells back! (a true rambling)

Yes, I'm back after 4 a month absence. I know it's called Daily Ramblings, but lately things haven't been anywhere near daily. I don't know if anyone still reads this, but if you do happen to be checking up, this time it was not in vain. And I thank you for sticking with this. Anyway, today I'm going to be discussing a subject that many...You know, I don't know what I'm going to talk about...I've bought 16 albums in about a months time, no joke, and a few days ago I got chili up my nose, hmmmm, you know know, it doesn't matter, because in between those 3 periods right there, another month just went by, it's the end of February now, the 23rd, and still I have nothing. More people have been reading this, and I owe it to them to talk about things, meaningful things, but nothing here I've ever talked about is meaningful really. I mean, right now, I'm literally talking about nothing, it's a conversation about nothing. But what could I talk about? Well, Joey thinks my opinion of hot pockets is wrong, and that he won't read things that are too long to him, but if he actually read this, he'd know I was talking about him. Just like I'm going to talk about war. War is a divisive subject, as we all know. But what about war? Who has them? and why? Actually, I'm not going to think that much right now, plus I've always said I wouldn't talk about serious topics on here, so I won't. But I don't want to talk about food again. How about the fact that the sun is shining and it's still cold? What's up with that? The sun is hot, the air is not? Why is this? I'm no meteorologist...oh, wait, I know what's even better, people who drive with their brights on? They are so bright aren't they?...the people that is, their bright, for driving with their brights on. There you are driving down a curvy, deserted road at night, and some idiot comes barreling around with his brights on. I mean, those are blinding, and that's bull, I mean, what if some deer jumped out right in front of you right as that happened? Now you've got deer blood all over your nice car, not to mention what the deer hitting your car did to it. All because someone didn't know what to do. Well, I'm going to wrap this up now, or else some people might not read it.
-Ich habe kein leben.