Saturday, July 12, 2008

some random questions you are probly thinking but were too scared to ask.

before i start, let me ask a question, Why are you too scared to ask? you coward.

Q. Why are you so negative in most of your rants?

A. its funner, and its easier to pull out of my head, and why would i spend time talking about how much i like something? that's not as fun.

Q. How many people if any actually read this?

A. i have no idea, at least 2 or maybe 3, but i don't have a counter, sad isn't it?

Q. God, your opinionated.

A. i am, accept it. But thank you, you admitted i think about things no matter how trivial.

Q. Do you have a life at all? i mean seriously.

A. Yes i do, cause u know i spend 24 hours on this blog, even when their hasn't been new material in a long time.

Q. why does this blog even exist?

A. It was intended to be for serious topics as you can see in my "so you've decided to come here" post that i did as soon as i made this, but that never happened.

Q. YOU PROMISED A NEW RANT EVERY DAY YOU CHEATING, LYING (insert insult of your choice here, may or may not include the word little in front of it.)

A. I know i promised that but it never worked out, u know?

Q. wow, their arnt many comments, no one must read this.

A. Well then you haven't been sending me comments *Coughkatlyncough* that also includes everyone else that reads this, and in case you haven't figured it out, you don't need an account to comment, you can post anonymously.

Q. Why did you decide to do this segment?

A. I didn't feel like doing a regular rant.

Q. Why do you bash Disney so much? its marketed at 11 year olds.

A. because, their not good, their packaged, manufactured. also their not good role models and i think its disrespectful to actual musicians who actually have to work their way from the bottom and actually play half way decent music. not to mention they make kids think this is good music. and if you think im harsh on hannah montanna, wait until i get to The Naked Brothers Band, and yes, that actually exists.

i hope this has answered your cowardly mind, now please always send comments, always, and yes this one too.


Anonymous said...

Very Funny... Don't stop "Ranting".


Anonymous said...

Hey! I send comments on almost every post!! I saw through my blondness and figured out how to leave them without having an acount!! Aren't you pround!!:)

Anonymous said...

Okay Jacob.. i've got a question. why do you say "seriously" a lot?

- Abby

Jacob said...

Good question Abby, I dont know, maybe because it sounds good to me, like I said, I don't know.