Wednesday, July 2, 2008

pop music

Now heres a rant ive been wantig to do forever but have been putting off. I absolutly dispise pop music, and no, i dont mean "popular music" i mean the genre of pop. Its the worst music in existance. Heres why.

First of all, its annoying, mainly because its melody driven and relies on catchy hooks entirely, and they put so many in there it gets annoying.

Second, they dont play their own instruments or write their own songs. Let me explain.


step 1. Get a computer that can go beep or a computer that can make drum sounds and mix them to do things humans cant.

step 2. get a "professional" song writer to slap together some really generic lyrics and adds tons of hooks. Also the topic must be love or something related about love and can not be political or about religion in any way because we dont want to offend anyone, you know?

Step 3. now relase one single and 9 songs that are just filler.

Step 4. pay top 40 stations to play that song every 10 minutes for as long as possible so ignorant people will buy ur album, but just to be safe buy 1,000,000 of your own album just in case.

Step 5. repeat

see? If i hear "bleeding love" one more time, im going to shoot my radio, seriosuly, they have that and about 20 songs in rotation and thats it, along with 2 other songs that are played every 10 minutes also. and when u actually listen to those songs instead of hearing it as background music, u relize how annoying they truely are. another thing, please play real instruemnts. Now without mentioning the words Michael Jackson or Madonna, name a "classic" pop song. and no, justin timberlake does not count.

will update this i promise but i was short on time, or i waited hours in between typings and had to go to bed.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just leaving another comment ot prove my point. Bleeding Love is on A LOT and so is Pocketful of Sunshine. And I also have a question for you: instead of shooting your radio (which would be kind of funny actually) why don't you just change the station? Something to think about. anyways, GTG

Anonymous said...

If you're explaining how to write a pop song, does that mean you've actually tried writing one?


Jacob said...

No, it means writing one is so manufactured.