Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Parents who lie about there kids age

One thing that bugs me, is parents that lie about there kids age, to get cheaper prices, its underhanded and wrong. You might be one of them, man your cheap. But, if your one of the maybe 4 or so readers i have, i hope not, since you probably don't have kids yet. Comon, admit it, the only people reading this would be teens with too much time on their hands. (please note that i have no idea how any people actually read this). But anyway, the parents that lie about their kids age, an example, would be the parents that lie about there kids age to get into six flags for cheap. That is cheap. very,very cheap. If you encounter a parent like this, tell them to get over the tragedy that their kid was born 3-22 months earlier than the cut off and has to pay 2 extra dollars. That brings me to another point, parents who argue over whether there kid is an adult or not, one time, i saw this guy arguing with the guy at the counter because his 12 year old son was (gasp!) 12! and he had to pay 5 dollars, the cut off age was 12, anything over 11 was considered an adult, and he was arguing that his 12 year old was not an adult because he wasn't 18 and blah, blah, blah. He got pretty worked up over it. If you meet a person like this, tell them to grow up. That's all i have to say on this topic, later.


Anonymous said...

LOL. And you are right... I do have to much time on my hands and no, I don't have kids, because I am (gasp) 13, an adult at resturaunts and theme parks, but still not old enough to drive. It really doesn't make that much sense. They should really use another word besides 'adult', cause rly, I'm not an adult, but rly, I'm not a child either. Hmmmm. Anyways, this is me again, just trying to get this extra time off my hands, but its not really working. Time is sticky, ya know? You can't just wash it off your hands with soap, ya know? Anyways, this is definitely my longest comment. Oh, and by the way, your brother is in my gym class. Anyways, GTG.

Anonymous said...

Ok... maybe you don't sound like a girl. My fault- I am dilousional (or however you spell it)