Friday, July 31, 2009

Weird Names (written 7/23/09)

I can't stand trendy or weird names. It's so stupid, why can't you just name your child right? Celebrities seem to be in a contest to find the weirdest name. Whats that about??? But what I can't stand even more, are names intentionally spelled wrong. That's bull. It's not funny or cute, it makes you look like an idiot who can't spell right. Thanks to all the trend following, tabloid reading moms who want to be "different" we have this. You know, that actually seems like an oxymoron, they contradict each other, how can one be trend following, and want to be different? Exactly. Everyone wants to be different, so to try to be different than everyone else, you do what everyone else is doing to get away from being the same. It's like things that started out different, everyone catches on too, and they all start doing it. In this case, everyone was already doing it before you got the chance to spell your kids name in an idiotic way. Seriously check out some of this I found on a website (it says "Creative baby name spellings, creative? How about stupid?), Abigail can be spelled Abbigail, Abagale, or Abigael. Caleb can be spelled Kaleb, Cayleb, or Caeleb. Zachary can be spelled Zakary, Zakkary, or Zacharie. Michelle could be spelled Mashell, M'shell. Jennifer could be spelled Jennyfer, Jennipher, or Jennafer. Are you kidding me?? What intelligent person would buy this nonsense? How would you like your kid spending their entire lives, telling people how to spell their name??? Seriously. Name your kid right, don't spell like a 7 year old. Another thing I don't like, is when parents give their kids ethnic names, even though their heritage is not at all what they named their kid. For example, giving your kid a Russian sounding name, when you're not even Slavic. Whats up with that?? That's another thing I don't get. And why are there names only old people seem to have? Like Agnes or Merle. Why do we never see those names anymore? Why can't parents just name their kids after Saints or people of the Old Testament, like David or Adam like normal people? That's what most people do, why can't you do that? Bottom line, at least for their sake, and the sake of sounding educated, name your kid a normal name.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree

Anonymous said...

i totally agree!

Anonymous said...

i agree too- some diff. spellings i dont mind, like derrick, but those just looked stupid. and really? some celebrity named her kid apple. really??? why would you do that? can you imagine that little kid when she first tries to pronouce her name???