Monday, July 6, 2009

Video(s) and song(s) of the week

I'm sorry i've been so lazy, because I'm almost a month behind, so I got to throw out 3 videos for each catigory.

So since I gave that deliverance album a 10, I wondered, are there any other Christian bands that are actually good? I asked the question online and someone recommended this, it's a progressive power metal band, and the person who answere me said this was by far their heaviest song.

Theocracy - Laying The Demon To Rest

Turns out, the guy who sings for theocracy, is also the guy who made this hilarious spot on parody of Metallicas St.Anger album.

St. Anger Parody-Matt Smith

So Alice in Chains is finally releasing a new album for the first time in 14 years. They have a new singer since their original one died in 2002, and suprisingly, this song isn't bad, it's really heavy,and the new singer works, he doesn't sound like the original one but he works. This songs really long too. It'll be interesting to hear him when he sings more up front. Now I'm excited about this new album.

Alice in Chains - A Looking In View

Heres a video of a HUGE firecracker roll.

Proper use of a firecracker roll!

Blowing up a pumpkin.

Blowing up a pumpkin with an M-80 !!!!

Blowing up another pumpkin.

LOUD Pumpkin blow up


Natalie <3 said...

hahahaha yay! i found the comment box! w0w i'm so happy =] okay now that i figured this out i can go back, watch the vids, and then comment on them...instead of just like - "yAy i can type!" =P

moving on... ;)

awesome blog, btw! *high fives*

Natalie said...

so still don't know if this is the right place, but i listen to you're songs and they are pretty cool! I'm not that into metal but i gotta say are not bad at all! =D

quite awesome :D

so are these comments for like discussing things too? or just commenting? sorry idk

Jacob said...

Sure, discuss away, and di that AIC video work?