Saturday, May 16, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

So, I think I've finally solved alot of problems, one is being able to watch music videos at school, another is Youtube not allowing me to embed anything. I've found the answer. Yahoo Video. Which I hope will be my new source of music videos, and it allows me to replace some that have been pulled off Youtube for one reason or another. (Ok, Yahoo music didnt work, so heres another source.)

Heres a really good song. it sounds like AC/DC but it's even better if that we're possible. The singer sounds like both singers from AC/DC combined. They do things AC/DC would never do, like the part near the end. And, scince their a metal band, their heavier. It really sounds like AC/DC with a more early 80s sound really. but this is a really good song.

Accept-Balls To The Wall

Finally, someones making censored Angry Video Game Nerd videos. Now I can post them here! This guys hilarious, although at this point he was still developing his style and wasn't really "angry" yet.

Angry Video Game Nerd-Karate Kid (Censored)

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