Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A review of the middle school talent show

So I'm at school right now in the math room on a computer, we just got out of the talent show. What did I think of it?? I think it was worse than last years. Almost all of the entries were girls who think they could sing. Now some did pretty good, one espeshally, but most of them were not of much quality, even worse, about half were a-cappelas, ugh, thanks alot American Idol. On the bright side, there was one juggling act, Devin did this really cool thing where he made the balls look like they were floating, that was cool. Giana played the violin, i didn't really understand it, she says it was something called "rockin' strings" or something. One other girl played violin and did good. The first act was a kid playing the "Star Spangled Banner" with a guitar, and there was one kid who played guitar and did good. Later the teachers did stuff, some of them tried to rap and was dressed up like steryotypical rappers, that was hilarious. The last thing was a bunch of teachers singing a song, which really didn't seem to be much but a time waster considering it was kinda loud, and the microphone got screwed up (I remember). But the best act of the day was this skateboarding dog. Now that was cool. All in all, it was pretty lousy considering almost everything was a girl thinking they could sing. Let the word go out, UMS has very little talent!

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