Friday, May 8, 2009

The Swine Flu

Whats is up with this swine flu? Its front page, first topic covered story in every news media outlet. The amount of hype surrounding this practically non-existant disease is ridiculous. 19,000 people a year die from the regular flu every year, and now, because we have 1 or two cases of this "swine flu" which from what i hear isn't even as bad as the regular flu, we've got a panic, over nothing!! This is bull. We shouldn't be panicking because theres a case in china and maybe Mexico, ok so what? Some people in Mexico died from it? Mexicans die all the time. You can die from drinking the water there. Comon. The local news has a "hot line", Oprah (who shouldn't even be on TV) did a whole spot about this. Its insane and ridiculous. Theres a few cases and its called a "pandemic". Yeah, a few isolated cases and we have a worldwide "pandemic". Unbelievable. What about the normal flu? It sweeps across quickly, there are many, many more people that get that than this "swine flu" which has nothing to do with pigs at all. Yet Egypt killed all theirs. 19,000 people a year die from the regular flu. And here we are panicking over an almost non-existent disease that that is hyped up so bad it isn't even funny. Its ridiculous.

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