Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nickelodian, the ultimate sell-out

Nickelodeon is terrible now. After the 90s it was all over, all the good shows were cancelled and replaced by mindless stuff meant to appeal to 8 year olds. I don't buy the argument that I'm biased towards the shows I grew up watching. This new stuff really is terrible. There used to be shows such Kenan & Kel, Doug, The Rugrats, Rockos Modern Life, All That (before they replaced the cast with pre-teens), Hey Arnold, and Ren and Stimpy. All classics in every way. Now, we have stuff like The Naked Brothers Band, iCarley, Avatar:The Last Airbender, and the Abomination known as All Grown Up! That was supposed to be a 1 time special. Not a whole series, now the Rugrats is ruined even more! Speaking of The Rugrats, they stopped being good when the Rugrats movie came around, think about it, all the previous episodes were about their imagination. Now their actually lost in the woods. Isn't that kind of dark considering it's the Rugrats, and they added a new character. Bad move. Then they had another movie and another new character! Then it was dead as a creative show. Anyway, the new stuff is terrible. They had a very brief comeback, with Invader Zim, which is a very good show, but apparently the bizarre humor went over most kids heads and they cancelled it, terrible, I liked that show, with its freaky drawing style and just plain weirdness. Probably one of the weirdest shows ever created. Now it's gone and we have nothing. I watched this channel slowly turn to garbage. Eventually I became fed up and discovered King of The Hill, the best cartoon ever made, when I was flipping channels one day. Nickelodeon is nothing now, they sold out to Disney-esque attitudes. Now they are losing to Disney. Truly sad. Later.

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