Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Song(s) and video(s) of the week

So I looked at my calender and it turns out I forgot about my weekly video posting, and I figure I'd do this weeks videos early too, so I'll post 3 videos.

Here's the latest single from Alice in Chains, it's a great song, despite alot of my fears, this new singer (William Duvall) works. I really can't wait for this new album, it sounds like it's going to be great, I think it comes out on September 29, and once it does, when I get my hands on it, I will review it, the only problem I hear is that Jerry Cantrell is mixed too loud, I want to hear this new singer more upfront. I'm sure I will when I hear an accoustic song. And I know that the thing says "A Looking In View", but that doesn't really matter, its about the song, and this has good quality, the music video isnt out yet, but it will be, and I might replace this with that in the future. But enough of my commentary.

Check my Brain - Alice in Chains

I feel that, since I have a 2 songs with their new singer here, and the only video I have of their old one is a unplugged performance somewhere on this site, and a Pink Floyd cover song side project done in 1999, at a point where drugs had destroyed any power he had in his voice, and had caused him to start losing teeth, that actually was the last recording he ever made, I should put a studio version of a really good song on here. It has a music video, but I dont like it, and I don't like the live versions I've seen either, it doesnt capture this song fully I feel. So I found a video with just the lyrics, and thats all you need, this is a good song. In fact, it was in the new Terminator movie, at least that what I've heard.

Would? - Alice in Chains

System of a Down is one of the few modern bands I like, these guys are one of the best bands out there, in my opinion. Serj Tanikan can change his vocals on a dime, their funny too. I wanted a ballad like hypnotize on here, but its embedding disabled, but this song is funny, at first it sounds like its about pizza but it's actually about advertising, i think its a good song anyway.

Chic N Stu - System of a Down

This is a hilarious contimplation of birds attacking people, its hilarious, but I already said that.

Funny Bird Attacks

Heres a video of a snake and a bird fighting, you might want to turn it down a bit cause the musics a bit loud. The description says the bird eventually won.

Bird vs Snake

This guy is amazing at beatboxing, he makes sounds I have no idea even existed. He's fast too. and he can make multiple sounds at the same time.

Best Beatboxer!!!


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wow amazing!

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this is sooo good! how do you come up with these viedos?

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The beat boxing videp is amazing!!!!!