Saturday, April 18, 2009


I know I haven't done anything in a while, so I'll just toss out some filler. Whats up with grocery stores? Lets examine the various annoyances everyday people like you face. Number 1 is the parking lot. When theres a place to park your car, some idiot left their shopping cart there. You move over an aisle, another idiot left their shopping cart in the middle of the aisle. After about half an hour of driving around, you finally make it inside. Your shopping cart has a wobbly wheel. When you finally get you foods you go to check out, but do you use the self check out lane where theres a million people who spend 5 or so minutes at it just because its new-ish? Or do you go with the check out person, of course not, no one does that when they don't have too. You just wasted 15 minutes. And to top it off, another idiot dings your car backing out. You've now just wasted about an hour of life on annoyances, all to get some junk food that will eventually kill you. Congratulations.

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