Thursday, April 2, 2009

Song and Video of the Week

Heres a great song that you've probably heard. It's ultra catchy, I think this live version is even better than the album version, they play it faster herE. Classic heavy metal song.

Judas Priest - Breaking The Law (Live 1986)

Heres another song I like, also by Bush. They sound kinda like a british Nirvana, only more commericial, but they had some good songs. Like this one. It's just sad how the lead singers doing pop-ballads now. Im sure you've heard them, their on the radio now. (I just realized this video cuts short right near the end, heres the full song)

Bush - Comedown

This video is just a kid playing with some puppets

Muppets elmo cookie monster Safety violation Gone wrong

A cop is giving a lecture on gun safety when his own gun goes off accidently, kinda ironic. Yes, its real.

Accidental Discharge

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