Sunday, June 1, 2008

People that drive while on their cell phones

I cant stand people that drive and talk on their cellphone at the same time. YOU'LL KILL US ALL! seriously, you drive like a russian when your on a cellphone. But really, stop it. its annoying. pay attention to the road! or get a hands free phone. I don't need one you say? Buy one you cheap little (insert a word here). Stop with the cell phones. then maybe you'll pay attention enough to tell that your drifting. People on cellphones. when i see them on their cell phones probably talking about insignificant things, i am very annoyed because you are going to kill someone some day. you can afford a hands free phone. oh, stop giving me excuses and get one!

I'm sorry this is such a poor quality rant but i'm trying to put something out quick, so accept it.

So, go to the store and buy a hands free phone! or just stop using it altogether, that's even better! Really! You don't need it! What do you think people did before cell phones!
i'm going to stop now because i keep screwing this up by adding things that don't flow. but don't drive while on a cell phone, seriously.


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For the person that wrote the 1st comment...Yeah I know, right???
P.S. Its me again..making a point.