Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yesterday in 4th hour there was a fight, unfortunately, i was in another room taking a test. I'm kinda disappointed i missed it, it seems like one of those 'u had to be there moments.' Anyways, from what i hear, the teacher didn't do anything until she accidentally got hit herself, then she went ballistic. Anyway, a bunch of kids recorded it on their cell phones, and one of them ended up on the Internet. Unfortunately, I'm not able to see it, since Austin has his myspace profile set on private, and i don't have a myspace account. If i could, i would have put it on here, but unfortunately i cant. That just adds to the disappointment, that i cant see it. When I'm writing my autobiography years in the future ill probably mention this. But still, i cant believe i missed it. Also a computer almost got knocked over. They both got suspended for a few days. But nonetheless, i didn't see it happen, dang.

edit: a few days ago i found out the video Austin put on his myspace was flagged so much it had to be taken down. I heard there was another video on youtube under 'fat fight' but i checked and it wasnt there.

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