Thursday, October 2, 2008

Album review, Death Magnetic by Metallica (it dosent suck this time, i swear)

So i just bought the new Metallica album that came out 2 weeks ago, currently its #1 in almost every country. After the pile of utter crap that was St.Anger with its mind numbingly stupid lyrics (("My lifestyle! Determines my deathstyle!") ("Frantic-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tock!"), ridiculously simple riffs, no solos, and terrible, terrible production. We didn't think they could be intelligent again. Wow, were we wrong. This album is a very good one. In fact, probably the best one they've done in 20 years. They've combined all their previous influences and for the most part got rid of the pop concerns from their self titled 5th album. And they've started to play the kind of music that they played in the 80s. That's very good. My only complaint with this album, is that its so compressed. alot! The sound quality is bad at times. All this unnecessary distortion. And its mixed way,way too loud. I'm playing it now and Ive got my computer volume on less than half and my rhapsody volume(its kinda like i-tunes) very, very low, and this album is still plenty loud. Its so loud and compressed. Anyway, its still good. I mean, they even have an instrumental track again! Its almost 10 minutes! and its good! Its great they've realized their former sound somewhat. While these songs are mostly midtempo and somewhat inferior to their 80s material, its still a great album. My favorite track, by the way is track 4. "The Day That Never Comes" . It sounds kinda like "One", you may have heard that, its on Guitar Hero 3. Not quite as good but it comes close. 8 out of 10

Ok, maybe it sucked a little, but comon, its almost 9:47 PM. Next time: headlights on cars.

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Anonymous said...

Dear RambleTron3000,

Its your cousins, Matt and Brad. Matt's the middle child of Uncle Larry's family. I had nearly forgotten he existed, too, so don't feel bad if you don't remember him. Anyway, we just wanted to comment on your Metallica post. Matt, thinks it's cool that you posted about Metallica because Matt eats, breathes, sleeps and shreds crappy music. Seriously, he thought it was insightful. I, on the other hand, find it quite useless to discuss the shape, color and tensile strength of the latest bowel movement of America's diluted pop-culture music scene. Don't paint a turd green and tell me it's a Faberge Egg... or even a long-forgotten, food colored Easter egg in Grandpa's back yard. At least the rotten Easter Egg will be nutritious for bacteria. Metallica is good for no one.

Just kidding, buddy! When it comes down to it, there's no arguing with taste. There is only the palatable respective to the individual. Personally, I'd rather read a book. But, then again I can't stop tapping my toe to "Lovely Lady Lumps". Keep up the good work.

On a related note... I (B-rad) am of the opinion that it's easy to trash something, but much more difficult (and worthwhile) to spread the word of something positive. What else would you recommend to your pedestrian cousins???

Brad and Matt (aka Cuz n' Effect)