Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mike Bauer of The Washington-Missourian

You might have read about Mike Bauer, he's a highschooler who writes for the Washington-Missourian in the "My MO" section. But here's the problem. He writes about the same stuff I do. Except he does it badly. I don't know him and I'm not a regular reader, but what is this? He makes me and people like me look bad quite frankly. My posts have 10 times the quality his columns ever had. Now if he reads this, I'd be delighted to have him as a co-author. But nonetheless, let me run down the substandardness of his disorganized non-sense. This guy always switches topics within a few sentences. In his January 16 column discussing the economy he switches from Governor Rod Blagojevich in one sentence commenting on his haircut in one sentence (really, it was one sentence), to a Chevrolet ad he saw next to a test he was taking, going on to gas prices, then in advising people to save money in tough times (He's what? 2 years older than me? I bet he knows all about tough times), he goes on about drive thrus and not buying a soda there then back to gas prices, then talking about how using your cell phone at school to check the time can somehow effect the electric bill at your house and telling you to get a watch, not an expensive watch, mind you, "just one that lets you know what time it is." I guess he's never heard of a clock. Then he moves on to how, when you go to a Cardinals game, you should check the outside vendors for food, instead of buying it inside because its cheaper. This is in one column about the economy. What is this nonsense? People read stuff like this to get away from their problems. This guy is always changing the topic. Why?? Stay on topic, seriously. Maybe we just have different styles, wait a minute, no we don't. In writing quality opinion pieces, there is only one way. THE RIGHT WAY! This guy is all over the place. With things that no one cares about. At least I take time to think of interesting topics. Not something you hear everyday. He says he writes about sports, pop culture and stuff that annoys him. But he's writing about the economy. That has nothing to do with any of that. The economy isn't a sport, a pop culture phenomenon, or annoying, its troublesome, but not annoying. He should be writing about pens at the post office and NASCAR, but at the same time he shouldn't because those are mine. (Well, to be fair, the NASCAR one isn't entirely my idea, 62365 thought of it first, but i took it an made it made it my own, so to speak. And JamesNintendoNerd got the pens at the post office, but I expanded if i recall, besides, everyone looks up to him *Nostalgia critic*cough*Irate Gamer* but I made them mine to an extent.) This guy needs to organize his thoughts. Alot of the time, he barely writes 2 sentences about a topic. Now, I've had 2 occasions where that happened but at least I padded it out with alot of filler that was vaguely related to the topic at hand. His column isn't amusing, in fact, I find it somewhat annoying at times, although he usually has about 1 good point among his sea of garbage. Later.


Anonymous said...

i friggen hate that kid. he's such a douche!

Anonymous said...

i friggen hate that kid

Jacob said...

Now that was unnescessarily mean, maybe you know him in person and maybe he is, but I just feel his collums are subpar, i'm not attacking the person, just his writings.