Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just a pop-in

I honestly don't know why I keep coming back. Maybe it's nostalgia. But I came back this particular instance to look for the video of the kid jumping on the horse in the field. On Youtube it's been flagged for some BS reason. There's nothing inappropriate, except maybe the kid attempting suicide by being an idiot. Strangely, it's perfectly watchable here. But in looking around at my old dusty web page, I got a feeling of "What a loser I must have been!". I noticed my surprisingly poor grammar, and the fact that I talked about nothing. Yeah, I know it was the point, but I should have known that no one gave a crap. I think it did know that, but I don't know, whatever. It's like most people with blogs, thinking people will want to read their opinions. I do read some blogs, but they talk about interesting things. Genuinely interesting things, or if they don't, then they have an interesting perspective on things. I don't have either. Also, now that blogger has a tracker, I know who comes here now. Almost no one. There was 1 view yesterday, but I don't know if that was a person or an internet crawler. So I'm probably typing to no one. But like I said, this is more of a nostalgia post. I think this blog started dying when I ended the weekly video thing. I felt that my music tastes had gotten to extreme and/or underground for most people, and I was tired of hunting down videos. But I didn't have anything to talk about to replace it. Plus it just became a chore to update this place regularly. So I sort of abandoned it. I still want to talk about things, but I think I have a new goal. I'm thinking of maybe starting a blog for serious things. Or at least, opinions that aren't usually about food and TV, and aren't so tongue in cheek. Things with an interesting perspective. One thing I've learned over the years, is that no one cares about what you write on a blog, blogs have been replaced by a few of what I call "super-sites". Things like Youtube, Facebook, and such. So unless you have an interesting thing to say. You'll get nowhere. And even then it will tough. So I guess this is more of a good bye. I think I'll just permanently abandon this place. So for the final time, good bye.

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