Friday, January 30, 2009

Music at Walmart

I dont like the music selection at Wal-mart, it's terrible. They barely have anything. They have Top 40 and a few other things and that's it. In some places the only place to buy music is at Wal-mart. They have that market cornered. That's Bad. One good point some guy on the Internet made was that they refuse to sell uncensored albums, yet they sell R rated movies and M rated video games. Uncensored. Sometimes, even if an album doesn't have a sticker they'll still censor it. Except they don't tell you. I buy albums at Wal-mart sometimes, mostly because they have some good deals, but I make sure what I'm buying doesn't have a sticker on it so I know it won't be censored. They censor alot of albums that may or may not have deserve it. But they didn't censor Nickelbacks new album. Why didn't they? It doesn't have a sticker. Why not? I'll tell you why. Those "parental advisory" stickers don't have any set standards like with movies and video games. Whether or not it gets a sticker is determined by the record label. This leads to some albums with absolutely no cussing on them to get stickers, while some albums with all sorts language or objectionable content wouldn't get one. They didn't put it on the Nickelback album. I think that it's so it would sell more and wouldn't put off parents. Besides, the lyrics on that album are just downright idiotic. You know, Nickelback used to be a Metallica cover band, I'm serious, they started out playing good music. But anyway, album wasn't censored. Another thing is that Walmart never has anything where it should be. One time I was looking for something and found it half way down the aisle. I'm not kidding. It says the artist on the little cardboard thing you know? And theirs a hodgepodge of different people, but nothing of what it says it is. I've seen worse at bookstores with music organization. But still. It's really the fault of people who are too lazy to put things in the proper place. But wouldn't you'd think the store would move it back everyday? I prefer to buy music at Best Buy, they have an excellent selection of artists, sell uncensored album versions, and everything is always where it should be. Although sometimes it's a hit or miss. For instance. When I go to buy music, I have a mental list of albums I want. Let me tell you what happened once. I was looking for some albums. I looked at Anthrax, didn't have the album I was looking for (Among The Living). This is strange because it happens to be their most popular album. They had a bunch of greatest hits albums, but I'm not the kind of person who just buys a greatest hits album. Unless their mostly a singles band (Creedence Clearwater Revival) or have way too many albums (David Allen Coe, with 41 studio albums) then I'll make an exception. I mostly stick to actual albums and not contemplations. So I moved on to Soundgarden, I was looking for Down On The Upside, they had Superunknown (already had it, and one of my favorite albums by the way), Badmotorfinger (already had it), A greatest hits album (already explained), they even had Ultramega OK their debut album that was made back when they were a local band that no one had ever heard of. But they didn't have what I was looking for. I went to The Smashing Pumpkins,alot of Internet people (such as Mark Prindle) hate them, but you can't deny they have some good songs, plus Brad from Brad's Completely Useless Record Reviews gave it a 10. But I didn't didn't find what I was looking for (Siamese Dream). This is strange, because sometimes they don't have the most popular albums by famous musicians, but they will have just about every obscure Death Metal band and people you've never heard that of you can imagine. Seriously, I saw a band called Sounds Of Animals Fighting. I'm serious, what the heck is that? Nonetheless, Best Buy is an excellent choice of music, it blows Wal-mart out of the water.

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Sounds of Animals Fighting??? ok....anyways, i agree completely about Wal-mart.
BTW- i made time to come here. Be happy.