Monday, December 29, 2008

I-pod Music download quality

I dont normally download music, but with this particular album, i already did along time ago with rhapsody. Im not getting rid of rhapsody, you get 25 free plays a month, so i can review an album for free. But for the most part iv'e switched to I tunes because i got an I-pod touch. This album i couldnt transfer becasue of copyright protections embeddded. I had a giftcard and thought, it wouldnt matter if i downloaded it again. So I do. I look at it on my computer. 128 bit rate! Thats bad. I like to have the highest quality sound i can get. Now I try to set all my music the highest it will let me, 320 Kbps. Now, when i downloaded this album the first time, i came as 193 bit rate, acceptable in my eyes. Of course thats before i relized i hadnt set it to a higher bit rate. But 128 is bad. Good thing I didnt pay for it. Im just gonna but a physical copy of the album like i always do. 128 bit rate is unnacceptable. I-tunes needs to get higher quality download quality.

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Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I finally got around to watching your videos and reading some of your new stuff. You've been busy!!!! Anyways, I thought the videos were lol hilarious and i party agree about the whole GH World Tour thing. I just got that game for Christmas and i love it but don't ya know? cause some of the songs (some that you mentioned) are wwaayy out there. Anyways, hope you had a good break (SO FAR) and have a happy happy happy New Years!!!!
Probably your biggest fan,
-Me- :D