Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Movie commercials

Whats with advertisements for movies? They always have a similar sounding narrator every time, do they only have 3 guys they pay to do movie advertisements? Also, they claim every single movie advertised is number 1 or "the best of the year" or something like that, i bet if you played 2 in order, they would both say that. You cant both be the best! Choose 1 jerks! Another thing, they always claim its the film every ones talking about, but I've never heard of it, who's talking about? Stop making yourselves look stupid, seriously. Movie advertisements should be about enticing you to see the movie, not spouting a bunch of overused, cliche phrases that do nothing.

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Roman Foster said...

I compleatly hear you, see when i watch TV what drives my CRAZY is having to hear over and over is " You have to see this movie" acyualy i doent, its not law to go and see every movie!!! And another thing if i was to make a movie i think i wouldnt make it a stupid, pointless movie with nothing gained insted i would make a movie with something that could actual happen. NOT LIKE HMS,or BAMBY