Tuesday, December 30, 2008

King of the Hill has Been cancelled

So one of my favorite TV shows has been cancelled. I was probably going to happen eventually, but why now? Yes, its not as funny as it used to be but its far better than any other cartoon on Fox. The Simpson's started sucking years ago. I love the Simpson's before then. Ive seen almost every episode. I don't make it a priority to watch the new ones anymore. Family Guy is a stupid show made for immature 13 year olds where almost all of the jokes are flashbacks starting with: remember when...or remember that time you... and so on that has nothing to do with the story that's strung together by a weak plot. American dad is an even worse version of family guy. Just replace the dog with an alien. They've also made the Simpson's dumb down their material which is a large part in why they suck now even though family guy blatantly rips off the Simpson's plots and characters. King of the Hill was the only thing left that was worth watching. This is sad. That shows a classic. Has it been declining some lately? Yes. But has it made a comeback? Yes it most certainly has. I don't have much more to add without repeating myself so later.

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